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    Strategic Internet Marketing Agency StarMarketing
    Official Google Certified Online Advertising Partner since 2010.

    Our marketers and analysts of the Internet advertising department have been certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics and successfully promote projects in highly competitive niches in the markets of Ukraine, Europe and the USA.













    TOP-specialists in effective online advertising in Google Ads.

      How much does an advertising management service cost? GOOGLE ADS

        • Search advertising
        • Search remarketing
        • Banner Remarketing
        • Keywords
          up to 600
        • Text Ads
          up to 250

      Advertising management cost


      9900 UAH

      per month

      • Google budget from 5000 UAH/month.
        Cost of Google advertising on a turnkey basis from 14900 UAH/month
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      • Search advertising
      • Search remarketing
      • banner advertising
      • Banner Remarketing
      • Advertising in Gmail
      • Google Merchant Lite
      • Keywords
        before 2000
      • Text Ads
        up to 600

      Advertising management cost


      12900 UAH

      per month

      • Google budget from 12000 UAH/month.
        Cost of Google advertising on a turnkey basis from 24900 UAH/month
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        • Search advertising
        • Search remarketing
        • banner advertising
        • Banner Remarketing
        • Advertising in Gmail
        • Google Merchant Pro
        • Dynamic Remarketing
        • Video advertising
        • Video remarketing
        • Facebook/Instagram retargeting
        • Keywords
          no limits
        • Text Ads
          no limits

      Advertising management cost


      16900 UAH

      per month

      • Google budget from 23000 UAH/month.
        Cost of Google advertising on a turnkey basis from 39900 UAH/month
      • Submit your application

      Attraction of new clients


      increase in revenues and profits

      increase in repeat sales


      increasing brand awareness

      • Tourism business and air tickets
      • Real estate
      • Furniture and doors
      • Legal services
      • Accounting services
      • Construction organizations
      • Construction equipment
      • Residential complexes

      • Forwarding and cargo transportation
      • Political projects
      • Mobile phones and accessories
      • Appliances
      • Beauty Salons
      • Restaurants
      • Hotels and Hotels
      • Sports clubs

      • Ventilation and air conditioning
      • Metal-plastic windows
      • Textile products
      • Medicine
      • Bags and other leather goods
      • Roofing companies
      • Taxi Services
      • and many others

      On average, about 74% projects in the market suffer losses in the first month of advertising.
      How to launch Google advertising so that you can earn from the 1st month of advertising?
      Take the time to do thorough market research and develop an effective advertising strategy.
      This is the key to a successful start and separation from competitors.
      Marketing research consists of:

      1. A comprehensive study of your business through a brief, survey, communication, website and any information available about you on the Internet.
      2. Studying your offline and online competitors, their competitive advantages, which they focus on in their advertising messages and on the site.
      3. Research their Google advertising strategy.
      4. Determine the competitive advantages and benefits to be bid on in Google Ads.

      Such a thorough and painstaking approach takes time and we will always have that time for your project.
      The results of such a study are the foundation for developing an effective advertising launch strategy.

      If you are familiar with Google Ads, then you probably know how many opportunities Google Adwords offers.
      But what to do with these opportunities, because there is not enough money for everything?
      Google Ads has some advertising features in Adwords that will give quick results in a short time, others will give results in the medium term, and some will even be unprofitable for your business.
      The strategy just allows you to understand what you should use and what not; which campaigns, in what order and when to run.
      The strategy in this case is a clear developed plan of action to achieve the main strategic goal.
      The strategic goal is determined by comparing your business goals with our market research. As a result, a clear, measurable and understandable goal is formed with a list of necessary tools and methods of advertising.
      And the action plan is a list of different types of advertising planned in stages for all your products and services, indicating priorities and indicating what should not be sprayed on initially.
      For each of your products, we will develop the most optimal chain of advertising tools so that the result is enhanced by the synergy effect (for example, when 1 + 1 + 1 = 5).

      For more than a month you have been haunted by a banner advertising a product that has not been needed for a long time and it annoys you?
      Such ill-conceived and intrusive Google advertising causes irritation and anger in 90% people.
      Do you want to avoid this? Remarketing has to be smart!
      On each of our projects, we make sure to break the Google remarketing audience into more than 80 lists: by time, by geography, by referral source, by product categories, by goals achieved, by products purchased, etc.
      Next, we build a strategy for point work with each of the lists. A specific specific ad is developed for each audience.
      Active display of banners is necessary only in the first 1-3 days from the moment of visiting the site, then the number of daily impressions must be gradually reduced.
      All this improves CTR, increases conversion and significantly reduces the cost of an attracted client.

      Are your budgets smaller than Rozetka and Epicenter? Don't waste your money. Run ads on selling keywords first.
      Sales keyword conversions are higher than regular ones by more than 40%.
      Sellers are keywords that contain a word that indicates a clear intention to make a purchase. For example, “buy”, “order”, “order”, “delivery”, “price”, “online store”, “book” or words with toponyms of cities, etc.
      General queries without any selling additive are more often informational, by which they are looking for general information about the product, but are not yet ready to buy it.
      Only after achieving the maximum profit, according to the selling words, you should include general queries.

      Due to poor performance with negative keywords “go nowhere”, Google budget goes from 20% to 60%!
      How can you avoid unwanted clicks on ads? Only by carefully weeding them out through lists of negative keywords.
      For each project, we select keywords before the start, break them into lists, and make sure that these lists are added to each campaign and ad group.
      For many campaigns, the easiest way is to run ads and, in fact, non-targeted clicks, add these unnecessary queries to negative keywords. Novice or non-professional Google specialists often do this.
      But with this approach, the client always pays for each non-targeted click, and this at the beginning of advertising can exceed ½ of the monthly budget!
      We are categorically against this. Negative keywords require no less careful work than keywords.
      Our specialists will select all possible negative keywords for you even before the launch. This will block ads for words that will be inappropriate for your business, and will give you monthly savings from 20 to 60% of your budget.

      Do your competitors have big budgets and is it hard for you to compete with them?
      Using "sniper" ads, you can outperform competitors in individual segments with smaller budgets.
      We call sniper ads those ads that hit exactly the needs of your target audience.
      To create these ads, you should create a list of benefits and needs for each ad group. After that, develop several individual ads, the text of which will contain the most important benefits and needs.
      This takes 4 times as much time to create and prepare ads, but gives a very high CTR and provides a low cost per click due to the high relevance of ads.

      Do you want to outperform your competitors and profit from Google Ads?
      Standard settings in a competitive theme will not be enough. All possibilities must be used.
      To fully study all the functionality of Ads, a Google advertising specialist spends more than 2 years. These are the experts who will work on your advertising.
      Choosing the right time to show ads, adjusting bids by day of the week, increasing bids for high-converting regions, boosting your audience through Gmail ads, separately managing conversion costs on mobile devices, and much more, we will apply to increase your sales and reduce the cost of conversion.
      All our specialists regularly take exams at Google, have official certificates and undergo corporate training on all advertising and marketing innovations in Google Ads.
      With our experts you will get the best possible result!

      Want to get more customers for the same cost? Optimize your site and create the necessary landing pages.
      Working with us, you will regularly receive recommendations for improving landing pages and creating missing ones, which will help increase the conversion rate by 30%, 60%, and in some projects even by 145%!
      Our specialists are not only experts in advertising, but also have extensive experience in developing and finalizing websites.
      Combining experience in design, creation and further advertising, we have a unique competence that other companies do not have.
      Thanks to this, we can not only give very valuable advice on improving your site, but also quickly and inexpensively make the necessary changes. This will increase sales without any increase in the budget.

      Want to be in first place and pay less per click than those below you?
      Reducing the cost per click is achieved through a high Quality Score and Optimization Score, but not everyone knows how to achieve high rates.
      The maximum score can only be obtained with a relevant ad, a high expected CTR, and a quality landing page.
      In each account, we achieve the best relevance by carefully segmenting ad groups and compiling at least 3 ads per group, fine-tuning all extensions in ads for a high CTR, finalizing all landing pages, etc.
      This forces us to do a lot more work than other companies. But in the end, our clients pay an average of 20-40% less per click.

      We always take a position of maximum openness in all works.

      As our client, you will have access to your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts.

      All payments, all expenses - you will see a complete picture of the movement of all your money, and you will not have a single doubt about the effectiveness of the funds used.

      Out of stock? Got a new product? Need to notify about a new promotion or holiday discount?

      We make any changes to advertising as quickly as possible.

      All you need is to send the information in a form convenient for you and after a few minutes you will be able to see the changes made to the ad.

      Do you want to avoid idle advertising due to untimely replenishment?

      With us, this will not happen to you. Automatic tracking of daily balances provides timely notification of the need for replenishment.

      We will notify you in a form convenient for you and your advertising will never stop.

      Hosting down? Leg site? Did you get a DDoS attack?

      As soon as your site is unavailable, our automated programs will immediately disable all ads until it is fully restored.

      Each of your pennies allocated for contextual advertising will be saved and spent only on attracting customers.

      Do you want to receive reports in a simple and convenient form with the construction of the entire sales funnel that combines all sources of advertising?

      Thanks to the latest Google Analytics 4 analytics and Google Lucid Studio reporting, you will have access to complete data on your advertising campaigns in the most convenient way, both online and in PDF report format.

      Specialists of the StarMarketing contextual advertising department have successful experience in advertising not only in Ukraine and the CIS countries, but also in Europe, Turkey, African countries and America.

      Our experience and knowledge allow us to effectively advertise both for sites with budgets of UAH 5,000, and with budgets over $100,000.

      Don't want to stop there? Feel like you can achieve more?

      With our specialists, you don’t have to think about this, because we ourselves will always offer you various profitable opportunities for the further growth and development of your project.

      The main thing is to have time to implement all our recommendations and you will very quickly become a leader in your business segment!

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        Internet advertising tariff 2024 Cost per month
        Contextual advertising Kiev Lite from 9900 UAH/month
        Contextual advertising Kiev Pro from 12900 UAH/month
        Contextual advertising Kiev Expert from 16900 UAH/month

        Contextual advertising Kyiv
        from 9900

        Why order advertising in Google Ads❓

        Now, while your competitors are standing still, it's time to become better and stronger by getting additional. profit from advertising in Google Ads by StarMarketing. Thanks to our many years of experience (we were certified by Google already in 2008) in managing advertising in Google, we know how to quickly and most profitably launch and increase the flow of new customers to your site in the current conditions. New leads/orders/conversions in 1-5 days.

        How much does it cost to advertise my site in Google Ads❓

        The minimum cost of advertising in Google Ads on a turnkey basis: 14900 UAH per month.
        The total cost of your advertising campaign consists of Google budget (from 5000grn) and agency commission for advertising management (from 9900grn to 16900grn).
        For an accurate forecast of the cost of online advertising for your site, please leave a request on our website

        How many leads/orders will I get when ordering ads on Google❓

        The cost of a lead/order/purchase depends on:
        ⭐The level of competition in your topic: the higher the competition, the more expensive the cost of a click on Google
        ⭐The current state of your site: if your site is not well developed, then the effectiveness of advertising is reduced due to the low conversion rate of the site
        ⭐Qualities of advertising campaign optimization
        For an individual forecast of leads/orders, please leave a request on our website

        Can I pay for clicks in Google Ads in a non-cash form?

        Of course you can. To do this, after the initial advertising settings, an agreement is concluded with Google Ukraine. We provide contract and billing assistance with Google, if needed. All correspondence, including acts, is sent by mail and in Email format.

        ⭐Why StarMarkering is better than others❓

        ⭐StarMarketing has been successfully advertising websites in highly competitive niches for over 15 years. We were one of the first in Ukraine who passed the Google AdWords certification exams back in 2008 and soon became a Google Certified Partner. Practically in every subject we have successful experience of working with several projects. We have helped hundreds of Ukrainian companies to become online leaders in their niche! Leave a request on our website and we will help you! 🙂

        What is the procedure to get started?

        Stages of launching an advertising campaign:
        1. Concluding an agreement to manage your advertising
        2. We create an advertising campaign in the Google Ads account.
        3. We coordinate the advertising strategy with you: ads, words, all creative, etc.
        4. You top up your Google ad account
        5. Launching an advertising campaign and getting new customers
        Launch time: from 1 to 10 days