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Marketing tools for promoting a construction business

Tool Minimum price ($/month) Maximum price ($/month) Coverage Efficiency Description Cost per lead ($/month)
Contextual advertising in Google Ads 300 8000 Wide High Google search advertising using keywords. 11 — 37
Advertising in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) 350 10000 Wide Medium Targeted advertising to attract a targeted audience. 7 — 30
SEO optimization 350 4000 Wide Medium Optimize your site to improve your position in search results. 15 — 44
Outdoor advertising 200 10000 Local Medium Placing advertisements on billboards and important points of the city. 19 — 56
Advertising in print media 300 5000 Local Medium Placing advertisements in newspapers and magazines. 30 — 93
Participation in exhibitions and fairs 500 5000 Local High Promotion at specialized events. 37 — 148

Contextual advertising of construction sites in Google Ads

Google Ads for construction websites is an effective way to attract potential customers and increase the visibility of your business in Google searches. This type of advertising is suitable for construction companies, handymen, architects and designers who want to attract customers online. Here are some important aspects of contextual advertising for construction websites:

  1. Types of contextual advertising:
  • Search advertising: Your ads appear in Google search results when users type in keywords related to your business.
  • Contextual media advertising: Your banners and text ads are displayed on websites and apps, including construction and design sites.
  • Trade advertising: for online construction stores
  1. Price: The cost of contextual advertising depends on many factors, including competition in the keyword market, the region in which you want to advertise, and the quality of your ad campaign. You only pay for clicks on your ads (CPC - Cost Per Click), and the cost can range from a few cents to dollars per click.
  2. Suitable for:
  • Construction companies providing construction, renovation, restoration and interior design services.
  • Specialists in residential and commercial repair and maintenance.
  • Interior designers, architects and companies offering design services.
  • Manufacturers and retailers of building materials and equipment.

For successful contextual advertising, it is important to choose the right keywords, set up regional targeting, create compelling ads and track results. It is also important to optimize the campaign over time to improve its performance and get a better ROI (Return on Investment). It is recommended to contact an internet marketing professional or contextual advertising agency to get the best results from your campaign.

Our portfolio of construction website promotion:

More information about the service of advertising of construction companies here

Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram) for construction companies

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be an effective tool for construction companies. Here are some highlights and recommendations on social media advertising for the industry:

  1. Target audience: Determine who you want to attract as customers. Can you work with individual customers, businesses, or both? Consider the age, interests, location and other parameters of your target audience.
  2. Visual representation: Photos and videos are important for construction companies. Show your projects, quality of work and satisfied customers. Instagram, as a visual platform, is particularly suitable for such material.
  3. Active participation: Your social media accounts should be active. Post news, updates and useful construction tips on a regular basis. Respond to comments and messages from customers.
  4. Advertising campaigns: Use the power of targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. You can choose your target audience, set your budget and measure the results of your campaigns. Ad formats include photos, videos, carousels and many others.
  5. Testimonials and recommendations: Maintain a testimonials and testimonials section. Satisfied customers can be the best advertisement for you.
  6. Seasonality: Take into account seasonal fluctuations in the construction industry. Adapt your advertising campaigns according to the time of year and current needs.
  7. Keep an eye on your competitors: Research which construction companies are successfully using social media. This can give you ideas for your campaigns.
  8. Analytics: Evaluate the results of your advertising campaigns with analytics. Optimize your strategy based on the data you receive.

The price of social media advertising depends on many factors including the chosen audience, budget and length of the campaign. It is recommended to consult with professionals in the field of social marketing or by online advertising agencies to develop the best strategy and optimize your resources.

SEO promotion of construction sites in Google

SEO promotion of construction websites in Google can vary in prices in different cities of Ukraine depending on competition in the market, geographical area, size of your website and other factors. The main features and factors that can affect prices and success rate SEO promotion of construction websites, include the following:

  1. Competition: If there are many construction companies and websites in your city, the competition for high positions in the search engine will be higher. This may affect the cost of SEO work.
  2. Region: SEO prices may differ in different cities and regions of Ukraine. In large cities such as Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv, the competition and the cost of services may be higher.
  3. Site size: The more pages and content on your website, the more work is required for SEO optimization. This can affect the price.
  4. Goals and expectations: If you want to achieve high search engine rankings for specific keyword phrases or regions, this may require additional effort and resources.
  5. Technical aspects: Technical optimization of the website, improving load speed, mobile version and other technical aspects can affect the price and success of SEO.
  6. Content and quality: Quality website content and creating informative, unique content can boost SEO.
  7. Competitor analysis: Researching your competitors and determining their SEO strategy may require additional resources.

Prices for SEO services for construction websites can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month depending on all of the above factors. It is recommended that you contact an SEO specialist or agency to get a specific cost estimate and develop a customized promotion strategy for your website.

Outdoor advertising of construction campaigns

  • Billboards: Place billboards with your advertisement in prominent locations in the city. Choose locations close to construction sites or residential areas where potential customers can see your advertisement.
  • Banners and signs: Place banners and signs with your company information and contacts on construction sites, as well as on buildings and city streets.
  • Vehicles: Embellish your company's trucks and vehicles with advertising. This can attract attention on the way to the works.
  • Public announcements: Use public bulletin boards and billboards in the City to post information about your services.

Print media advertising for construction campaigns

  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines: Advertise about your company in local or trade publications. This can help attract the attention of an older audience.
  • Press releases and articles: Publish press releases about your projects and articles that showcase your expertise in construction.

Participation in exhibitions and fairs of construction campaigns

  • Construction exhibitions: Participate in construction exhibitions and fairs where you can demonstrate your work, latest technologies and services. This is a great opportunity to attract the attention of potential clients and partners.
  • Presentations and demonstrations: At trade fairs you can give presentations and demonstrations of your construction projects and solutions, which will help convince potential clients of the quality of your work.
  • Networking: Exhibitions also provide an opportunity for networking and making contacts with other industry participants.


To get started with advertising, it's important:

  • Define the goal of the campaign: what you want to achieve (increased sales, increased website traffic, increased brand awareness, etc.).
  • Identify your target audience: who your potential customers are and what their interests are.
  • Determine your budget: how much you are willing to spend on advertising.
  • Choose the right types of advertising that fit your goals and budget.
  • Create quality content and promotional materials.
  • Track and analyze campaign results and make adjustments.

As for the cost, it depends on many factors, including types of advertising, region, competition and other parameters. Agency StarMarketing can analyze and provide you with specific pricing and recommendations based on your needs.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky