Portfolio: Promotion Akvamarket.ua - Network of stores plumbing

The case on promotion of "Akvamarket.ua: Network of Sanitary ware stores" from StarMarketing Internet marketing agency included contextual advertising in Google (trade and search advertising) and setting up e-commerce tracking with Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Analyzing objectives and requirements:

StarMarketing met with Akvamarket.ua to understand their goals and requirements for contextual advertising and e-commerce tracking. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to be tracked in Google Analytics 4 were identified.

Creating a Google Analytics account 4:

StarMarketing created a Google Analytics 4 account for Akvamarket.ua and worked with the developers to set up tracking of events and goals related to e-commerce. This involved installing the tracking code on the Akvamarket.ua website and configuring the relevant GA4 settings.

Setting up e-commerce in GA4:

StarMarketing helped set up e-commerce tracking in GA4 for Akvamarket.ua. This included customizing product settings, tracking add to cart, checkout, successful transactions and other shopping-related events.

Google Shopping Ads:

Trade campaigns were created in Google Ads for Akvamarket.ua using the trade advertising functionality. StarMarketing linked the Google Ads account with the GA4 account to provide conversion tracking and communication with advertising campaigns.

Google search advertising:

Google Ads search campaigns were created to promote specific keywords related to plumbing. StarMarketing set up conversion tracking and communication with GA4 to measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaigns and optimize bids and keywords.

Campaign optimization and reporting:

StarMarketing regularly monitored and optimized Akvamarket.ua advertising campaigns based on tracking data in GA4. Metrics such as conversions, revenue, average check and ROI were analyzed and detailed reports were provided to the client to evaluate results and make decisions.

This case study demonstrates how StarMarketing Internet marketing agency helped Akvamarket.ua to promote its goods using contextual advertising in Google (trade and search advertising) and set up e-commerce tracking using Google Analytics 4. This allowed Akvamarket.ua to effectively measure the results of advertising campaigns and optimize its promotion strategy.

Results of advertising management in Google Ads project: Akvamarket.ua - Network of stores plumbing

Network of plumbing stores
Increasing the number of sales
December 2022 to May 2023

ROI 360%
from advertising in Google Ads


2.5 UAH
Average cost per click in Google Ads

270 USD

Average Cost per Google Ads


Setting up Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce + dynamic Call Tracking + macro conversion tracking


97% Sales
from Merchant Center

Services used: