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In 2020, Google Ads launched several important updates that expand the possibilities for running successful advertising campaigns. We decided to talk about them in more detail in our review.

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Gallery Ads for mobile search

This is a handy gallery of advertisements with pictures. An effective tandem of search content and interactivity. The gallery includes 4-8 illustrations, to each of which you can add a catchy title, add a unique text. 

Ads of this format are shown on mobile. The gallery can be scrolled up and down, left and right. At the end there is a call to active action - go to the site. The Gallery Ads format is available in Russian and in 10 other languages.

What are the advantages and features of using Gallery Ads:

  • Placement is carried out by keywords and with targeting options
  • Galleries are created in existing search campaigns and shown in the first position 
  • After viewing the pictures, users can easily go to the site in one click
  • The advertiser needs to pay only for viewing 3 pictures or for going to the site

As images for Gallery Ads, we recommend choosing images that showcase the product or reflect the activities of the company.

There is a new goal "New Customer Acquisition" 

Google Ads is testing a new goal for smart shopping campaigns in 2020 - "Get New Customers". The main task of the goal is to optimize advertising campaigns. It is suitable for businesses that involve long-term cooperation after the first contact with the client: real estate, banks, car sales, household appliances.

Important! When setting up, it is necessary to calculate the cost of attracting a new client and the optimal period of time after which the client becomes “new” again.  

 Search audience targeting

Google Ads launched this new product at the end of last year, but if you haven’t had time to try it out and evaluate it yet, we’ll tell you. The new search targetings are the same audiences that were available for Google Display Smart Campaigns before:

  • Interests. They allow you to create demand for goods by working with the target audience at the start of the sales funnel
  • "Warm" buyers. Reach those who are actively considering purchasing a product
  • seasonal segments. Suitable for displaying offers dedicated to the holidays - Christmas, February 14, March 8, Black Friday, or events - preparation for school, for the summer season, etc.  

User groups can be grouped according to predetermined criteria, for example, students, entrepreneurs, parents of newborns, owners of private houses, etc.

Removed ads from children's content 

In early January 2020, YouTube removed “bells” and targeted ads from children’s content and turned off comments. The reason for this decision of video hosting was the law of the United States, which prohibits the collection of personal data of users who have not reached the age of majority.

We classified this news as good news, since playgrounds were already turned off for most topics. 

New extension for lead generation 

Google has added an extension to generate applications in search advertising on mobile devices. Now, when a user logs into his own account, he can click on the new extension and leave his contacts in the form that appears. Everything is fast and simple - you just need to add data and send your application to the advertiser.

How to use the new extension? Follow our recommendations:

  • Write the name of the company, a bright title, a detailed description of the offer
  • Pick a 1200×628 background image 
  • Allow time to answer calls (issues that were resolved on the site will be closed by phone)
  • Try to collect data in a timely manner - Google stores information about leads for 30 days

The extension has some limitations:

  • The form for collecting leads is displayed only on mobile devices and exclusively in search ads
  • The extension is created only at the campaign level, it cannot be used at the account level
  • Not all subjects can use the novelty (for example, it is not available for medicine)

The extension is useful for e-commerce to collect email and mobile numbers.

Combined audience targeting

This innovation made it possible to target different groups of users who may be potential buyers of your products and services. Such combinations allow you to limit the target audience by combining several audience groups - using the AND, OR, NOT options.

Important! If you create a combined target audience, it can be used in several advertising campaigns.

Budget Simulator Launched

The simulator helps to analyze the efficiency of budget use, namely, how a decrease / increase in the budget affects the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Its use is most justified for the "Maximum Conversions" and "Maximum Clicks" strategies.

Google advertiser verification

Google plans to verify everyone who wants to buy ads in the search engine. Advertisers will be required to provide identification papers, company registration documentation, information that confirms the country where they operate. Thanks to such a check, in the summer, users will see all the information about the advertiser, just by clicking on the ad.

Identifying Fast Growing Categories in Retail

Google offers a new tool that tracks product categories with growing demand. It is free and so far only displays trends from Western countries. The tool shows fast-growing categories of goods and services in Google search, which search terms are related to them, and where exactly there is an increase in demand.

Now you are aware of the new Google Ads in 2020, and if you want to receive more useful materials and cases, subscribe.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky