Read on and you will find out how we manage to bring sites to TOP positions in Google and Bing in a short time, attract only targeted traffic without spending the budget on those who are not of interest to you, and get more and more sales every month risking being filtered or penalized by Google.

    Regional SEO from 14900 UAH
    Corporate SEO from 19900 UAH
    Online Store SEO from 19900 UAH
    SEO for Small Business from 14900 UAH
    SEO for new sites from 14900 UAH

    Our website promotion department marketers are certified in Google Analytics and successfully promote projects in highly competitive SEO niches in Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

    Team Lead

    Team Lead

    Senior SEO

    Senior SEO



    SEO developer

    SEO developer

    SEO link builder

    SEO link builder

    SEO analytics

    SEO analytics


    Financial effectiveness of SEO

    SEO Results100%
    SEO start time90%
    from 90 days
    SEO lead cost49%


    Fin effectiveness of PPC

    PPC Results49%
    PPC start time30%
    7 days
    PPC lead cost89%


    Fin effectiveness of SMM

    SMM results78%
    SMM start time45%
    14 days
    Cost of an SMM lead83%

    • SEO strategy
      • KPIs and Goals
        • keywords
          • Positions
            • Traffic
              • Leads
      • SEO audits
        • Complex SEO audit
          • Usability audit
            • On-Page SEO Audit
              • Off-page SEO audit
                • Free SEO audit*
      • Keyword Research
        • top kw
          • long tail kw
            • info kw
              • google kw +serpstat
      • SEO Payment Model
        • Open Budget SEO
          • Fixed budget SEO
            • SEO with a guarantee
              • SEO consulting

    • Internal SEO optimization
      • Content SEO
        • LP improvement
          • new pages
            • fluid seo
              • language versions
                • UX/UI usability
        • SEO copyright
          • uniq
            • kw density
              • info tail
      • SEO structures
        • SEO int links
          • SEO hierarchy
            • SEO menu
              • SEO url
                • canonical
      • Technical SEO
        • speed
          • robots
            • index
              • errors
                • sitemap
      • SEO tags and markup
        • title
          • description
            • headers
              • rich snippets
                • open graph

    • External SEO optimization
      • SEO link building
        • Outreach
          • Crowd
            • Tails
              • Exchanges
      • Quality control
        • Donor Analysis
          • Page Analysis
            • Anchor tactics
              • Ahrefs, Majestic, Serpstat
                • Bypass SEO Filters
      • Press releases
        • Do copyright
          • Making contracts
            • Payments & Discounts
      • SERM
        • Positive reviews
          • Promotion of positive content
            • Displacement of the negative

    • SEO analytics
      • SEO KPI control
        • SEO traffic
        • SEO positions
        • Search Console
      • Reporting
        • Google Looker Studio
        • SEO works
        • SEO links

    Food delivery service, online restaurant
    Increase in sales volumes. Leading positions in the segment.
    1000+ visitors per day from search engines
    +113%↑ traffic growth compared to 2021
    1000+ search queries in TOP 1 Google
    #1 on request "food Odessa"
    online store
    200+ unique orders per day from search engines
    Visibility dynamics on Google: The growth in the number of keywords in Google:
    Construction and repair. online store of doors and fittings
    Increase in sales volumes. Leading positions in the segment.
    Ukraine, Kyiv
    2000+ visitors per day from search engines
    dollar symbol
    14 times decreased traffic from search engines
    10000+ search queries in TOP 1 Google
    #1 for online sales of doors and fittings online in Ukraine
    online store
    +100 unique orders per day from PS
    Lawyer, Law Office
    Become an SEO leader in Boryspil. Get the first applications from the site. Exit to Kyiv. Increase in service orders in the future.
    Boryspil, Kyiv, Ukraine
    1000+ visitors per month from search engines
    +60 LP new site structure + added 60+ new LPs in two languages
    1100+ KW search queries in TOP 10 Google
    #1 on request "lawyer Boryspil"
    outreach Improving the SEO reputation of a site through OutReach Marketing
    Lawyer site promotion The result of SEO promotion of the law office website

    Sign up for a consultation right now and you will be given an answer to your question at a convenient time for you!

    Before concluding a contract for website promotion, the client, together with the agency, forms a Terms of Reference, which is the basis for further work.
    Full SEO audit, Technical audit, Usability audit and Marketing audit.
    Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, Google Webmasters Tools.
    Setting meta tags for main pages.
    Creating templates for meta tags of the same type of pages (product cards, etc.).
    Writing unique texts and placing them on the site. Optimization of created texts and h1-h6 tags using SEO technology.
    Optional: Writing selling content for the site.
    Creation and configuration of robots.txt, sitemap.xml, configuration of the main site mirror, etc.

    Removal of broken links, Creation of CNC, Detection and removal of duplicate pages and content.
    Creation of additional links of the so-called "breadcrumbs".
    Setting the rules for indexing Webmaster Tools pages and more.
    Creation of the structure of micro-markup and implementation of codes on the site.
    Improvement of snippet, description, title and creation of rich snippets.
    Development of a strategy for building an external link mass (Link Building), purchasing eternal links, purchasing articles with writing text for them, monitoring the position (visibility) of the site.
    Work with site analytics.
    Optimization of metadata, content, micro-markup and other site parameters, taking into account the new requirements of search engines (after their updates) on promoted pages.
    Optimization of new site pages. 

    • The results of the audit will include not only recommendations for SEO optimization, but also for improving the usability of the site, the technical part and the entire marketing of the company!
    • When promoting a site with temporary links, you risk falling under sanctions, so we use only eternal links from high-quality resources.
    • We do not wind up behavioral factors. Only real work on the site can improve their quality, which will raise positions in the search.
    • Your site will be promoted only according to proven and effective strategies, which will eventually lead your site to big sales.
    • A properly composed title and description of the page will allow you to get the most visitors, even if you are not in the first place!
    • Not sure which call to action will work best? Or which form of order would be more convenient? A / B testing will tell you which option will be the best.
    • You will see a monthly detailed report on the work performed and you will clearly know where and what your funds are spent on.

    • Have new words appeared or is there no need for something? You will be able to adjust the promotion by making the necessary changes to your word list.
    • Do you know what new queries your customers can search for you today? We will always tell you what new words you should advance on.
    • We have many successful projects, so we can offer our clients the most accurate forecasts for rankings, traffic, and priority words.
    • We do not limit you in choosing the number of requests. Our promotion strategies allow you to promote the site for a very large list of requests!
    • By regularly updating LP (Landing Pages) you can increase sales without increasing your advertising budget.
    • If you decide to take a break or stop SEO, then our work will please you with good results in sales and new clients for a long time to come!
    • Your site will be promoted only by white methods. We do not use black hat optimization, which reduces your risk of falling under sanctions.

    • Promotion technologies allow us to promote your site only for high-quality queries, saving your budget and not wasting it on empty words.
    • If your site has been filtered, we will help you remove sanctions from the site, and then completely return the lost positions.
    • Many have Google Analytics and so on, but few have them properly configured. You'll be surprised at how much data you've been missing out on because of this. Installing and configuring analytics is free.
    • Each client is assigned an account manager who will always inform you about the current situation and answer any of your questions.
    • Our promotion strategies allow you to promote your site in several search engines at once - Google and Bing.
    • You can entrust any changes and improvements to your website to our experienced web development specialists.
    • Doubt the reliability of the agency? We have a lot of experience and we can even offer you a guarantee, but we cannot guarantee the results for everyone. For details, you can contact our managers.

    • Legal services
    • Tourism business and air tickets
    • Real estate
    • Furniture and doors
    • Accounting services
    • Construction organizations
    • Construction equipment
    • Residential complexes

    • Forwarding and cargo transportation
    • Political projects
    • Mobile phones and accessories
    • Appliances
    • Beauty Salons
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels and Hotels
    • Sports clubs

    • Ventilation and air conditioning
    • Metal-plastic windows
    • Textile products
    • Medicine
    • Bags and other leather goods
    • Roofing companies
    • Taxi Services
    • and many others

    The minimum cost of website promotion:

    1. Regional promotion of a corporate website: from 14900 UAH/month
    2. Multi-regional promotion of a corporate website: from 19900 UAH/month
    3. Regional promotion of the online store: from 19900 UAH/month
    4. Multi-regional promotion of an online store: from 29900 UAH/month

    To determine the cost of SEO-promotion of the site, you must:
    1) get initial data from the customer (at least define thematic sections or keywords for promotion)
    2) analyze the client's website
    3) research competitors' websites
    4) make a cost calculation based on the data received.
    For an accurate forecast on the cost of website promotion, please leave a request on our website

    The cost of a lead/order/purchase depends on:

    • The level of competition in your topic: the higher the competition, the more labor-intensive it is to reach the TOP for important queries
    • The current state of your site: if your site is not well developed, then more time is needed to achieve the necessary results
    • The authority of your Brand in the market: the more recognizable the Brand, the easier it is to promote it, all other things being equal.

    For an individual lead/order forecast, please leave a request

    The average terms of withdrawal to the TOP are from 3 to 12 months. The first results are usually already 3 weeks after the start of SEO.
    The timing of the withdrawal of the site in the TOP depends on:

    • Online activity of your competitors: ↑ competition, the longer it takes to reach the TOP
    • The current state of your site: if your site is not well developed, then more time is needed to achieve the necessary results in SEO
    • Budget for site promotion: the higher the budget, the faster you will get to the TOP

    For an accurate forecast of the timing of withdrawal to the TOP, please leave a request on our website

    The cost of website promotion includes the work of 6 different specialists within your budget:

    • SEO specialist: general control over website promotion, technical tasks and control of all participants, reporting
    • Link builder: buying links, controlling external link mass
    • SEO copywriter: writing texts
    • Content manager: posting texts on the site, customer site support
    • Web programmer: implementation of site improvements
    • Personal account manager: control and setting all tasks for SEO-specialist, interaction with the customer.

    StarMarketing has been successfully promoting websites in highly competitive niches for over 14 years. We have a successful experience of working with several projects in almost every topic. Thanks to our experience in SEO, development, online advertising, SMM, analytics, we have developed the most effective strategic approach to website promotion. We have helped many companies become leaders online! Leave an application on our website and we will help you too!

    We guarantee the high-quality performance of all the work specified in the contract, namely: general control of website promotion, writing technical specifications, purchasing links, control of external link mass, writing and posting SEO texts on the site, reporting. We also have a special agreement - but in order to find out the terms of guarantees, please contact our managers

    Promotion of home appliance stores
    from 49900

    SEO promotion of real estate websites
    from 49900

    Promotion of websites of insurance companies
    from 49900

    SEO promotion of restaurants and cafes
    from 14900

    Promotion of sites of beauty salons, barbershops
    from 14900

    Promotion of websites of dentistry
    from 19900

    Promotion of medical sites
    from 19900

    Promotion of furniture websites
    from 19900

    SEO stores for home and interior
    from 29900

    Promotion of automotive sites
    from 49900

    SEO promotion of travel sites
    from 19900

    Promotion of transport companies
    from 19900

    Promotion of food delivery sites
    from 19900

    Promotion of legal websites
    from 14900

    Website promotion Kyiv
    Price from. 19900
    Price from. 14900
    Price from. 14900
    Price from. 14900
    Price from. 14900

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