Read further and you will find out how we manage to bring the site to TOP positions in Google and other search engines in a short time, attract only target traffic without spending the budget on those who are not interested in you, and receive more and more sales every month promotion, without risking falling under the filter or Google sanctions. Order site promotion from StarMarketing and you will receive a whole range of search optimisation services: SEO site analysis, internal site optimisation, working with link building. You will not only improve the position of your site, but also receive a significant increase in organic traffic.

Our marketing specialists of search engine department (SEO) have certification in Google Analytics and have seo skills in successfully advance projects in highly competitive SEO niches of Europe and America.













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The most popular scheme of work for the majority of the websites!

  1. Based on the level of competition in the market niche, as well as the client’s goals, our
  2. We record forecasts of SEO promotion targets in keywords (100 + words), in target positions and organic traffic in the media plan and strategy for 6 + months. We conclude a contract for SEO promotion.
  3. The subscription fee is made monthly at the beginning of the month. Every month, you receive a large report on your SEO activities, SEO texts, links and results (key items, traffic in dynamics).
  • новые сайты
  • корпоративные сайты
  • интернет-магазины
  • другие e-commerce проекты

SEO scheme for projects with promotion experience.

  1. Is approved with the client the advanced subjects or the list of keywords, we fix the purposes and criteria of their achievement.
  2. formed the budgetary plan at least for 6 months and sign the contract.
  3. 100% prepayment of the commission and the reference budget at the beginning of every month. At the end of every month of work, you receive the summary report on the carried-out SEO works, SEO texts, links and results of work (key positions in dynamics and traffic).
  • corporate websites
  • online stores
  • other e-commerce projects

  • our strategy of advance allow to untwist the website in several search engines at once – Google, Bing etc.
  • In results of audit will be not only the recommendations about SEO optimization, but also about improvement of a usability of the website, a technical part and all marketing of the company!
  • At promotion of the website temporary exiles, you risk to fall under sanctions therefore we use only eternal exile from qualitative resources.
  • We don’t wind behavioural factors. Only real work on the website it is possible to improve qualitatively them that will lift positions searching.
  • Your website will only be promoted through proven and effective SEO strategies that will eventually lead your site to great sales
  • Any changes and modifications required for SEO on your website you can entrust to our experienced web development specialists.
  • you Doubt reliability of the agency? We have a wide experience and we can offer you a guarantee of increase in traffic for 100-300%!
  • Correct page title and description will allow you to get the most visitors, even if you are not in the first place!
  • you don’t know what call to action will better work? Or what form of the order will be more convenient? A/V will prompt testing what option will be the best.
  • you will see the monthly detailed report on the performed works and you will accurately know where and what your means are spent for.
  • Technologies of advance allow us to untwist your website only on productive requests, saving your budget and not spending it for dummy words.
  • If your website got under the filter, we will help you to remove from the sanction website, and then at all to return the lost positions.

  • Really selling texts on the website are capable to involve better the visitor and increase the number of sales by 40-70%!
  • Appeared new words or in something need disappeared? You will be able to correct advance, having entered necessary changes in your word list.
  • And whether you know on what new requests today your clients can look for you? We will always prompt to you by what new words to you it is necessary to move ahead.
  • At us is a lot of successful projects therefore we can offer clients nayboly exact forecasts for an output in the TOP, to traffic and priority words.
  • We don’t limit you in the choice the number of requests. Our strategy of advance allow to untwist the website according to very big list of requests!
  • Fixing of authorship of the text on the website will allow you to avoid theft of the text other websites.
  • Regularly finishing LP (Landing Pages – landing pages of the website), you can increase sales, without increasing the budget by advertizing.
  • If you decided to take a break or to stop SEO, then our works will please you with good results on sales and new clients for a long time!
  • Your website will move ahead only by white methods. We don’t use black SEO optimization, than we reduce your risks to fall under sanctions.
  • To each client the account manager who will always inform you on the current situation and will answer any your question.
  • Many have Google Analytics tracking, but not many have them correctly configured. You will be surprised at how much data you missed because of it. Analytics installation and setup is free of charge.

  • Travel business and air tickets
  • Real estate
  • Furniture and doors
  • Legal services
  • Accounting services
  • Construction organizations
  • Construction equipment
  • Housing estates

  • Forwarding and cargo transportation
  • Political projects
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Household appliances
  • Beauty shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and hotels
  • Sports clubs

  • Ventilation and conditioners
  • Metalplastic windows
  • Textile products
  • Meditsina
  • Bags and other leather accessories
  • Roofing companies
  • Taxi services
  • and many others

Before signing of the contract of SEO promotion, the client together with the agency is formed Technical Specifications which is a basis for further works.
Full SEO audit, Technical audit, Usability audit and Marketing audit.
Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, Google Webmasters Tools etc.
Setup of metatags of the main pages.
Creation of templates for metatags of the same pages (a card of goods and so forth).
Writing of unique texts and placement them on the website. Optimisation of the created texts and h1-h6 tags on SEO technology.
Optionally: Writing of the selling content on the website.
Creation and robots.txt, sitemap.xml setup, setup of the main mirror of the website and other.

Removal of dead links, Creation of the CNC, Detection and removal of doubles of pages and content.
Creation of additional references of so-called “grain crumbs”.
Setup of rules of indexation of the Webmaster Tools pages and other.
Creation of structure of a micromarking and implementation of codes on the website.
Improvement of a snippet, description, title and creation of rich snippets.
Development of strategy of creation of the external reference weight (Link Building), purchase of eternal exile, purchase of articles with writing of the text for them, monitoring of positions (visibility) of the website.
Work with website analytics.
Optimisation of metadata, content, a micromarking and other parameters of the website taking into account new requirements of search engines (after their updates) on the advanced pages.
Optimisation of new pages of the website. & nbsp;

The cost of promotion of the site is calculated in each project individually for a specific task set by the client.

To determine the cost of SEO promotion of the website, you need:
1) obtain input from customer (at least define topic sections or keywords for promotion)
2) analyze the customer website
3) explore competitor websites
4) make a calculation of the cost based on the received data.

The cost of seo-promotion is formed on the basis of:

  • level of competition in the niche
  • popularity of selected queries
  • number of selected queries
  • Scope of Internal SEO Optimization
  • External SEO Optimization Scope

SEO optimisation and promotion Price
Corporate (regional promotion) from 500 $/month
Corporate (multiregional promotion) from 600 $/month
Internet-magazin (regional promotion) from 700 $/month
Internet-magazin (multiregional promotion) from 1000 $/month
Portal (up to 30,000 pages) from 1500 $/month
Portal (more than 30,000 pages) contractual
SEO at a website development stage from 500$

Want to learn the exact cost of promotion in Google for your website?

Request for cost of my website promotion:

  1. the Website will move ahead in three searchers at once – Google, Yandex and Bing!
  2. you receive complex audit of all website, including recommendations about marketing gain.
  3. We use only the checked strategy of promotion which will provide the best growth of positions and traffic.
  4. your website will move ahead only eternal exile – low risks and reliable result.
  5. C about everything that happens to your project on SEO to advance.
  6. on improvement of your behavioural factors that will raise both positions, and sales.

  1. the Website will move ahead according to the big list of high-quality traffic requests.
  2. you receive very valuable recommendations about improvement of your website.
  3. On your website will be only unique the selling texts.
  4. an Opportunity to work as with fixed by the budget and open.
  5. We will always help you to execute any changes and completions on the website.
  6. Your website will receive permanent increment of clients from search engines even if you stop its promotion!

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