Portfolio: Promotion Market-Vikna.com.ua: PVC windows Kiev Kharkov

Case/portfolio on the results of advertising management in Google Ads for the project Market-Vikna.com.ua, an online store of PVC metal-plastic windows in Kyiv and Kharkiv, presents the following results:

Conversions: Conversions are desired user actions on a website, such as placing an order, requesting a callback, or filling out a form.

ROAS: ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) is a measure of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, expressed as the ratio of advertising revenue to advertising costs.

Average cost per click: Average cost per click is the average cost you pay for each click on your ads.

Average order value: The average order value is the average amount customers spend when purchasing metal windows on the site.

Results of advertising management in Google Ads project: Market-Vikna.com.ua: PVC windows Kiev Kharkov

Okon online store
Increasing Leads and Sales by Windows
Kyiv, Kharkov
From November 2022 to now

Google Ads conversions from November 2022 to May 2023


3.33 UAH
Average cost per click in Google Ads

670 USD

Average Cost per Google Ads


Setting up Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce + dynamic Call Tracking + macro conversion tracking


90% Sales
from Merchant Center

Services used: