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What tools does Google use to know which ads to show us?

Every day, entering new information into Google search, we do not think about the high cost of the search engine. In fact, what we call a “search engine” is a huge amount of expensive “iron” complete with no less valuable programs. For example, the company employs about 53,600 employees to maintain the Google system.

Google receives cash injections with the help of Internet advertising. Thanks to the support of advertisers, search remains free, and the company develops its services (Maps, Gmail, and others).

On the other hand, by placing ads from advertisers, Google helps the development of millions of websites. With the help of the Google AdSense system, websites can place relevant ads on their sites.

Anonymity on the Internet has long been very conditional. In particular, to show important to you google ads takes into account:

  • our recent requests
  • information about visited websites
  • Google account information
  • experience of previous interaction with advertising.

See your portrait “through the eyes of Google” you can follow the link: www.google.com/ads/preferences/User portrait from the point of view of the search engine
* Approx. If we talk about me, the results are quite close to the truth. It is especially interesting to click on the “Edit” tab in the “Interests” field, where a more detailed list is given:Categories of interests in the account
One of the criteria for showing an ad on the Internet is our search history. You can view your search history link - history.google.comInternet search history


How does ad delivery work based on web searches?

  1. We visit a site with a specific theme, for example, “All about beading”
  2. This website transmits information about your visit to Google. The system then matches the site with advertising preference cookies that are stored in the browser.
  3. When you search from the same browser for the same keywords you used to search for the All About Beading site, you will be shown ads on the same or similar topics.

In addition to the Google system itself, your data has access various applications and services. You can view everything here - security.google.com/settings/security/permissions.Apps and services that have access to a Google account


If you have an Android device (that's over a billion monthly active users), history of your georelocation for Google It's not a secret either: maps.google.com/locationhistoryOur movements on the ground in Google memory

And finally everything data and Google services disable and export link: www.google.com/takeout
* Approx. In particular, you can disable remembering the history of your movements (which personally bothered me).Transfer, export or change account information

Big Google Brother is watching you! Of course, in this age of technology, one should not build illusions about anonymity on the Internet. But a coin always has two sides, one of which is still good - the development of services and the entire Internet as a whole.

How concerned are you about Google's awareness? Write in the comments!

Author: Oksana Dudnik

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky