In 2020, LinkedIn had 310 million active users. This figure is growing every day. The social network helps to look for partners for projects, communicate with colleagues and share experiences.

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Вадим Стеблинский

LinkedIn Statistics in Ukraine

  • 5 million registered users.
  • 21 & nbsp; 908 companies have a LinkedIn Page.
  • 3rd in terms of growth in Europe.
  • 786 posts from Ukrainian users every day.

An active audience makes it appropriate to launch ads in Linkedin.

Types of Advertising in Linkedin

The social network offers banner, dynamic advertising. Sponsored ads are also effective. We see them in the news feed. LinkedIn allows you to create up to 15 ad variations with the same content.

By formats:

  • Texts. Consist of title, description and link.
  • Promo post. This is a feed.
  • Carousel for multiple products.
  • Video ads lasting from 15 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Advertise vacancies.

Goals of LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn Ads target 3 levels of the marketing funnel: Company Awareness, Views, and Conversions.

LinkedIn offers 7 marketing goals:

  1. Brand awareness. Advertising tells the maximum number of people about the activities of the company, the services provided and the product. Similar to ads on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Increase in site visits. Targeted ads will be seen by users who are most likely to click through to your site. This is an additional opportunity to interact with the audience.
  3. Engagement. Advertising stimulates the growth of actions with your company’s content: likes, subscriptions and comments.
  4. Viewing video ads. Here, the goal of promotion is to maximize the display of the video to the target audience for effective interaction.
  5. Lead attraction. The Lead Growth Form is populated with data from the user’s LinkedIn profile. This happens automatically.
  6. Web conversions. Advertising increases the number of clicks to your company’s website and stimulates you to perform targeted actions: ordering a service, product, viewing up-to-date brand information, etc.
  7. Applications for a job. Targeted ads on LinkedIn reach users looking for a job in a specific niche.

Pros of LinkedIn Promotion

  • Sophisticated system for establishing contacts. The network is used to promote business, find partners and employees. LinkedIn continually offers jobs to professionals and notifies them when potential colleagues have visited their profile.
  • High level of trust. In Ukraine, Linkedin is highly respected. There are two explanations for this: the social network is focused on business communication and the audience is focused on useful content.
  • Variability of targeted ads on LinkedIn. Promotion is configured according to many criteria (geography, employment, lifestyle). This helps the company to get into the information field of potential customers, employees and partners.

What does LinkedIn advertising do?

The advertising campaign attracts potential employees and business partners. Also, targeted advertising on LinkedIn allows you to gain an audience that will be aware of news and events from companies. As a result: increased market awareness, sales growth and attraction of a new active audience.

A well-built advertising campaign on a social network forms a positive image and credibility of the company.

Does my company need promotion in Linkedin?

If you have a large business with a long customer life cycle, then 100% yes. B2B business needs advertising, if only because there is a constant need to look for partners and suppliers. Promotion makes this task easier.

For business owners with a high average check for services, LinkedIn advertising will be an additional opportunity to attract buyers.

How to order targeted advertising on LickendIn?

The StarMarketing team provides advertising customization services on LinkedIn.

We work in several stages:

  1. Target audience analysis.
  2. Creation and competent filling of a client account.
  3. Select ad format.
  4. Setting up target audience lists.
  5. Work with the price and type of ad.
  6. Create an ad.
  7. Launch advertising on the web.
  8. Monitoring results.

We are trusted by companies from the tourism, real estate, construction, medicine and restaurant and hotel industries.

Want to get promoted on LinkedIn but don’t know how to get started? Order services on the StarMarketing website!

Why us?

  • 12 years of experience in promotion.
  • 5 employees in the SMM department.
  • Open statistics for each project.
  • Companies in the Ukrainian and international markets trust us.
  • Affordable LinkedIn Advertising Launch Services.

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