What types of audits do we provide:

  • Google Ads Account Express Audit (FREE)
  • Comprehensive audit of Google advertising account (16900грн)
    • Auditing advertising campaigns in Google Ads
    • Google Merchant Center Product Feed Audit
    • Google Shopping Audit (Google Shopping)
    • Analysis of analytics systems
    • Competitor advertising audit
  • Individual audits and consultations on the conduct of Google Ads advertising

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    1. Express audit of search advertising
    2. Express audit of Display Network and Remarketing
    3. Express audit of Google Shopping campaigns
    4. Google Ads Optimization Express Assessment


    * if the monthly budget of the advertising account is higher than 35000gns

    1. Comprehensive audit of search advertising
    2. Comprehensive remarketing audit
    3. Comprehensive audit of the CCM
    4. Comprehensive audit of Google Shopping campaigns
      • Auditing Google Shopping Campaigns
      • Product xml feed audit
      • Google Merchant Center audit
    5. Analysis of analytics systems
      • Analysis of connected analytics tools GUA, GA4, GTM... and CRM
      • Quality analysis of conversion/transaction settings
    6. Competitor advertising audit
    7. Overall Google Ads Optimization Score
    8. Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

    16900 UAH

    1. Individual audit of search advertising
    2. Individual remarketing audit
    3. Individual audit of the CCM
    4. Individual audit of Google Shopping campaigns
    5. Individual analysis of analytics systems
    6. Individual audit of competitors' advertising
    7. Overall Google Ads Optimization Score
    8. Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

    The order of work for an individual audit of Google Ads:

    1. You provide terms of reference for audit/consultation
    2. We estimate the scope of work and form the cost of work
    3. After agreeing on the work and payment, we carry out individual audit work and / or consult you according to the agreed procedure

    NEGOTIABLE price

    Google Ads campaign audit is the process of evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on the Google Ads platform. It helps you identify issues in your campaign that can lead to low conversion rates, high ad spend, and poor ad ROI.

    Here are a few steps you can take as part of a Google Ads campaign audit:

    • Check if the conversion tracking code is installed correctly. This will ensure that the conversion data received from Google Ads accurately reflects the actual results.
    • Assess the relevance of keywords. Check which keywords are used in the campaign and how they fit with the advertised product or service.
    • Analyze the structure of the campaign. Evaluate how well the campaign is structured and see how easy it is to find and track specific ad groups and keywords.
    • Rate the quality of your ads. Check how well the ads are written, how attractive they are to the target audience, and how well they match the keywords.
    • Check your cost per click and campaign budget. Evaluate how effectively your campaign budget is being used and how much each ad click costs.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Check how many clicks and conversions your ad campaign is getting, and how those results match your campaign goals.
    • Assess the competition in the industry. Check how many competitors are using the same keywords as your company and how well you are doing against the competition.
    • Check how well the ad extensions are set up. Evaluate how effectively advertising extensions, such as place and price extensions, are used and how they help attract customers.

    After the audit, you can formulate a list of recommendations for improving your Google Ads campaigns.

    When conducting an audit of an advertising campaign in Google Ads, various errors can be identified that can affect the effectiveness of the campaign. Some typical errors that can be identified during the audit process include:

    1. Irrelevant keywords: Use of keywords that are not relevant to the advertised product or service.
    2. Poor Campaign Structure: Poor organization of the campaign and ad groups resulting in inappropriate traffic and low conversions.
    3. Poor Ad Quality: Unattractive, uninformative, or erroneous ads that don't generate interest from potential customers.
    4. Inefficient use of keywords: Incorrect use of keyword matches, incorrect selection of delivery networks, not using negative keywords.
    5. Misconfigured Landing Pages: Landing page mismatch with query or ad, slow page loading, no invoking action.
    6. Choosing the wrong metrics to measure success: Choosing the wrong metrics that don't align with business goals can lead to incorrect campaign performance.
    7. High bids per click: Overpaying for clicks on ads, which can result in a low ROI on ad spend.
    8. If you find these errors, you can take action to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaign.

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