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Maintaining Facebook

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Social media setup:
Profile Picture, Cover Photo, unique single style, post template, stories template.
Basic setup of all components:
Description of activities, benefits and USP, navigation / service catalog
Create a monthly content plan
Creation of graphic material for the content, based on the photo and video materials provided by you.
Posting to the social network according to the prescribed strategy and content plan
Hashtag selection
Monthly reporting
Cost of social media management 19900

Prices for Facebook page maintenance from 19900grn/month
Cost of conversion/lead? from 50 UAH


  • 2.7 billion active users. TOP1 social network by audience.
  • Advanced target settings. Smart interest targeting. Machine learning.
  • Opinion leaders present
  • Effective for promoting goods and services
  • Large set of promotional tools
  • High engagement - users often share content
  • The audience is loyal to the presence of advertising/brands in social networks


  • Rigid / in some places inadequate moderation of advertising content
  • High competition in the target = expensive advertising
  • Showing friends' actions makes users self-censor
  • Facebook prohibits copyright infringement

Prices for Instagram page maintenance from 19900грн/month
Cost of conversion/lead? from 47 UAH


  • 1.3 billion active users worldwide
  • Advanced targeting settings from Facebook. Smart interest targeting. Machine learning.
  • Low cost of traffic compared to other social networks, the ability to build long-term relationships with the client, fueling interest with regular posts
  • Easy to process photos and replace them, accessibility and ease of monitoring competitors


  • Specific content, emphasis on the visual component
  • Low level of technical support. Hard moderation.
  • weak privacy settings and, accordingly, openness to competitors
  • high probability of getting a ban especially for beginners.

Prices for page management in Linkedin from 19900grn/month
Cost of conversion/lead? from 81 UAH


  • The largest business social network
  • Active audience 400 million users
  • "Niche" audience (dominated by businessmen, marketers, journalists)
  • Low competition in targeted advertising across many niches
  • Low competition in targeted advertising across many niches


  • Part of the audience enters the social network rarely
  • Target is inferior in functionality to other social networks

Benefits of maintaining social networks for business in Ukraine

Maintaining social networks can be useful for business in Ukraine, both for large companies and for small and medium-sized enterprises. Some of the benefits of doing social media for businesses in Ukraine include:

  1. Increasing brand awareness: Social media helps businesses increase their online visibility and awareness. Companies can use social media to build a community around their brand, connect with customers, and promote their products or services.
  2. Attracting New Customers: Social media provides an opportunity to reach new audiences and attract new customers. Social media advertising campaigns can be more effective than traditional advertising campaigns.
  3. Increasing customer loyalty: Social media can help businesses improve customer interactions, solve problems, and get feedback. This can improve customer loyalty and increase repeat sales.
  4. Increasing sales: Social media can help businesses increase sales by attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of current customers.
  5. Lower Advertising Costs: Social media can be a cheaper and more effective way to promote a business than traditional forms of advertising.
  6. Increasing Market Knowledge: Social media can help businesses gain insight into the competitive landscape, market trends, and customer opinions.
  7. Increase social responsibility: Social media can be used by businesses to support social and environmental initiatives, which can enhance their image and customer loyalty.
  8. Building a Community: Social media can help businesses build a community around their brand, which can improve customer interactions and increase loyalty.

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