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Quality Score is Google's scoring tool. The system checks if the keywords match the search queries. The content of PPC ads is also taken into account. A score is assigned on a scale from 0 to 10. The higher the score for each keyword, the lower the cost per click. 

What gives an increase in quality score?

If Google scores high, ads receive these additional benefits: 

  • Place on the first page of the issuance. This is where most transitions take place. A study by MOZ showed that only 3.99 % users land on the second page of SERPs.
  • Even if the CPC is low, as the ad improves further, it moves to the top of the page.
  • Further development opens up the ability to add extensions: price, rating with stars and the number of reviews, location data, links to sites. This attracts attention, the block takes up more space on the page and provides additional information to users, which increases the likelihood of a transition. 

Factors Affecting Quality Score

First of all, Google considers the following criteria:

  • Relevance of keywords to queries. It is these "markers" that show the system that the content of the advertisement is the appropriate result in a particular case. 
  • CTR - click through rate. Determines how often people who see an ad in SERP click on it. The more popular it is, the more often it will be shown.
  • Landing quality and relevance. Does its content match what is stated in the ad? Is it easy for visitors to navigate the page? 

It is not completely known what effect each factor has on the quality assessment. CTR is considered to be a weighty and measurable indicator. The more users click on the ad, the more interesting and useful it is for the audience from the point of view of Google. 

Bonus - cheaper conversion

By optimizing all the criteria that affect Google's score, the advertiser gets a higher return on investment and reduces costs. A high Quality Score correlates with lower cost per conversion. 

Such costs are understood as complex investments in order for users to order a product or subscribe. This includes financing the optimization and content of the site, SEO promotions, contextual and display advertising, etc. Since not every click leads to the desired result, the conversion is more expensive than PPC.

Working on improving the quality index, they improve both the configuration of the site, its content, and advertising campaigns. The page is becoming more useful for users, they visit it more often, spend more time on it and recommend it to others. The likelihood that they will perform targeted actions increases.

How to improve the quality of Google Ads?

Improvements always start with analytics. First, flaws are found in order to choose a strategy, methods for eliminating them and supporting positive achievements. To do this, use the tool "quality indicator". It's in the "Keywords" section of Google Ads. Then determine the reasons that lower the score. The result of the improvement will be maximum if you work out the site and advertising campaigns in a comprehensive manner. 

Working with keywords

Analyze what users write when searching for a product or service to be offered to them. From the options choose the most popular, corresponding to the intention and needs of buyers. Also use keywords with a long tail. They are more likely to bring in those who really intend to buy, and not just read the description and look at the products out of curiosity.

Key phrases are classified according to the subject of ads, taking into account the effectiveness for certain tasks. Create themed collections. The ad category includes only words related to its offer, the product being promoted. Then advertising is easier to adapt to requests. Its specific content attracts more customers.

Negative keywords are added - those for which the system will not display an ad. For example, a company sells women's handbags. Exclude queries: men's bags, children's bags, toy bags, bags for dolls, etc. If this is not done, then the ad for women's bags may appear in the search results for those who are looking for a children's bag. A person will click on it, but will not buy, because he is looking for another product. And the money for the click will be debited from the account.

Advertising content

The text of the ad is created in such a way that it meets the goals of the seller, the interests and needs of the target audience. The more specific the offer and keywords, the more likely it is to attract buyers. 

The user searches for a green bag and enters the corresponding request in the browser. In the first position, he sees an ad about a green bag, clicks, selects a product and completes the purchase. A well-chosen keyword, relevant ad, and landing page content results in a successful conversion.

Landing content

The site is developed in accordance with advertisements that will lead visitors to it. Or vice versa - advertising for an existing one-page site. Then the path of customers from the keyword to the conversion is consistent. It is easier for them to navigate the site, and they perform targeted actions faster. This reduces the bounce rate, which also affects the Google score.

"Technical optimization"

A perfectly composed ad will not lead to a conversion if there are problems with the site. Mandatory "technical optimization" includes:

  • Using the appropriate URLs for each ad. If you are offered to buy a green bag, the link should lead to a section for this product, and not to the main page.
  • Adaptation for portable devices. In 2021 56% traffic was on mobile phones. If the site is not adapted for small screens, it will be inconvenient for visitors to use it.
  • Increasing the speed of the site. If the page takes a long time to load, potential customers will leave it quickly.

The quality indicator allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and save your budget. The number of random visitors is reduced, because if the keywords are exactly matched, the ad is shown to interested users. Comprehensive knowledge and experience required running PPC advertising campaigns, selecting search phrases, creating relevant ads. It will be much faster to achieve the highest quality indicator if you entrust it to professionals.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky