We offer comprehensive turnkey promotion of your law firm. We have over 15 years of experience specializing in a full range of services to attract targeted clients in various fields, including legal services and products.


    SEO promotion of the legal website and its refinements

    When SEO promoting a legal website, it is important to focus on creating an authoritative, reliable and informative resource that will be useful to both potential clients and search engines.
      1. Keyword Research:

        • Local SEO Optimization: Consider the location of the law firm, including geographic keywords such as "lawyer Kiev", "lawyer Odessa", "legal services Kharkiv", "lawyer Lviv".
        • Specialized Keywords: Identify keywords that reflect the law firm's specialization, e.g., "family lawyer," "commercial law," etc.
      2. Content Optimization

        • Quality and Informative Content: Create content that is informative and answers frequent customer questions.
        • Blog: Regularly publish articles on current legal topics.
        • Legal Compliance: Make sure all content meets legal standards and does not contain misleading information.
      3. Technical SEO Optimization

        • Mobile Optimization: Make sure the site displays well on mobile devices.
        • Download Speed: Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to improve your site's loading speed.
        • UX Improvement: Optimize your site's navigation and structure to ensure user experience.
      4. Buying SEO Links

        • Quality Backlinks: Build a network of quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant legal and news sites.
        • Local Directories and Listings: Register your firm with local legal directories and listings.

    SMM promotion of legal services. Advertising of attorneys, lawyers in social networks Instagram/Facebook

    For the Internet marketing agency "StarMarketing" in Kiev, engaged in SMM promotion of legal services and advertising of lawyers and attorneys in social networks, it is important to develop a strategy that takes into account the specifics and requirements of the legal sphere. Here are the key aspects and approaches for successful promotion:
      1. Audience and Target Group

      2. Target Audience Research: Determine who your target audience is - individuals, SMBs, large companies or specific industries.
        Audience Segmentation: Divide your audience into segments for more precise targeting and personalized content.

      3. Content Strategy

      4. Educational Content: Create informative posts that explain legal aspects in an accessible way.
        Success Stories: Publish case studies and customer success stories (while respecting confidentiality).
        Expert Opinion: Regularly share your professional opinion on current legal developments and changes in the law.
        Visual Content: Use infographics, short videos and quality images to increase engagement.

      5. Targeted advertising for legal services on Instagram and Facebook:

      6. Targeted Advertising: Run targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that target specific audience segments.

        Tracking Campaigns: Use analytics tools to track campaign performance and audience engagement.
        Optimizing Strategy: Analyze your results regularly and adjust your strategy according to the findings.

    Advertising of lawyers/lawyers on Google

    Advertising attorneys and lawyers on Google requires a careful approach to targeting, content and messaging strategy. Here are the key steps and tips from the Internet marketing agency "StarMarketing" in Kiev for an effective advertising campaign:
      1. Research and Identification of Target Audience:

      2. Identify Key Audience: Determine who the main target audience for the services of attorneys and lawyers is - it can be individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, specialized industries, etc.
        Key Words: Use keyword tools (like Google Keyword Planner) to identify the terms and queries your target audience uses.

      3. Creating Effective Ads:

      4. Headings and Descriptions: Create attractive and informative headlines and descriptions that clearly communicate the services and benefits offered. Use calls to action such as "Get a consultation now" or "Contact our experts".
        Local Targeting: For attorneys and lawyers in Kiev, make sure to target your ads to the appropriate geographic area.

      5. Destination Page (Landing Page) Optimization:

      6. Relevance and Persuasiveness: Make sure the appointment page matches the content of the ad and provides all relevant information about the legal services, team experience, case studies and contact details.
        Simplicity and Efficiency: The page should be easy to navigate and effective in converting visitors into customers.

      7. Google Ads Targeted and Remarketing Campaigns:

      8. Precision Targeting: Customize ad campaigns to reach the most promising audience segments.
        Remarketing: Use remarketing to re-engage visitors who have already inquired about your services.


    • launch in 1-2 days
    • fast results and budget flexibility
    • stable guaranteed result
    • is a recommended channel for promoting seasonal car services, as it is possible to flexibly manage the advertising budget from month to month, increasing it during the period of "high demand" and reducing it during the "low season of demand" for legal services.


    • relatively high cost of a visitor/lead, subject to high competition
    • the need to pay for each transition to the site from advertising

    The cost of advertising on Google Full construction

    from 14900 UAH

    per month


    • the largest channel in terms of the number of potential target audience (commercial requests + information requests)
    • lowest visitor cost
    • SEO work improves site conversion, which improves % site conversions => sales across all online channels
    • the results from SEO, when working with us, remain for a long time, even after the completion of active promotion for a long time, positions can remain high with low activity of competitors


    • long time to get the first results (up to 6 months)
    • dependence of the result on third parties (Google and others significantly change the algorithms 3-4 times a year)

    Cost of SEO website promotion Full construction

    from 14900 UAH

    per month

    The cost of promotion depends on the desired results from SEO promotion and the level of competition in your niche. Leave a request and we will make a free estimate of the cost of promotion in your niche for you.


    • launch in 3-5 days
    • low cost per lead/visitor/sale
    • fast results and budget flexibility
    • stable guaranteed result
    • recommended channel for promotion of seasonal legal services, as it is possible to flexibly manage the advertising budget from month to month, increasing it during the period of "high demand" and reducing it during the "low season of demand".


    • the conversion from calls to sales is lower than in other promotion channels, but the lead itself is cheaper
    • the need to pay a monthly advertising budget

    Cost of targeted advertising Full construction

    from 24900 UAH

    per month

    Rates for advertising ADVOCATE, LAWYER or other legal services 2024 Cost per month
    Advertising of legal services (attorney, lawyer) in Google (turnkey) from 14900 UAH
    SEO promotion of legal services website (attorney, lawyer) in Google (turnkey) from 14900 UAH
    SMM advertising of legal services (attorney, lawyer) in one social network of your choice (turnkey) from 24900 UAH
    SMM advertising of legal services in Instagram+Facebook (turnkey) from 31500 UAH