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    Poltava region is a picturesque region of Ukraine with a number of historical, cultural and economic peculiarities. Promoting business on the Internet in such cities as Poltava, Kremenchug, Gorishne Plavni, Lubny and Mirgorod requires a specific approach. In this article, let's look at the key aspects of SEO for this region.

    Features of SEO promotion for Poltava and the region

    Local SEO Poltava:

    It is especially important for local businesses to reach the top for local queries (for example, "cafe in Poltava" or "hotel in Mirgorod").

    Poltava specifics:

    Each city has its own peculiarities. For example, Mirgorod is known for its resorts, which can be the basis for attracting tourists via the Internet.

    Poltava's multilingualism:

    The need to promote in Ukrainian and Russian languages depending on the target audience.

    Prices for SEO in Poltava and the region

    In today's world, having an online presence is becoming increasingly important for business success. However, just having a website is not enough - it must be visible to your target audience. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes to the rescue. But how much does SEO promotion cost in Poltava and its region?

    SEO website audit:

    This is the first and important stage of work, at which a detailed analysis of the site is carried out: from the presence of technical errors to the analysis of content and competitors. The goal of the audit is to identify "pain points" and develop an optimization strategy.

    SEO audit price: from 100$. The cost depends on the complexity of the site, its size and the specifics of the business.

    Internal Optimization:

    This process involves a number of activities aimed at improving the technical condition of the site, optimizing content, improving user experience and other aspects that affect the site's position in the search engine.

    Internal SEO price: from 200$ Costs may vary depending on the scope of work and specifics of the project.

    External optimization and link promotion:

    This is a set of works aimed at strengthening external ranking factors: getting quality backlinks, improving brand mentions on the Internet and so on.

    External SEO price: from 300$ per month. Here everything depends on the promotion strategy, the chosen site for placing links and their number.

    SEO is an investment in the future of your business. Proper and high-quality promotion will not only increase the visibility of the site in search engines, but also attract the target audience, which will ultimately increase sales and profits. Note that prices may vary depending on the specific performer and the complexity of the tasks assigned to him.

    Cases on SEO in Poltava and the region

    Medical Center in Poltava:

    After the optimization, the clinic was able to attract 70% more patients online due to increased visibility on keyword queries.

    Ceramics production in Kremenchug:

    Implementation of quality SEO allowed the company to increase sales by 2 times in six months, taking top positions for targeted queries.

    Resort in Mirgorod:

    Local promotion and optimization for vacation and treatment related queries resulted in a seasonal increase in bookings for 50%.


    Poltava region provides excellent business opportunities. Proper and quality SEO promotion can be the key to successful development and growth of companies of various industries in this region.

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    SEO promotion of restaurants and cafes in Poltava
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    SEO for beauty salons, barbershops in Poltava
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    Promotion of dentistry websites in Poltava
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    Promotion of medical websites in Poltava
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    Promotion of furniture sites (Poltava)
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    SEO stores for home and interior
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    Promotion of automobile sites (Poltava)
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    SEO promotion of tourist sites (Poltava)
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    Promotion of transportation companies in Poltava
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    Promotion of food delivery sites in Poltava
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    Promotion of legal websites in Poltava
    from 14900

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