Portfolio: Promotion Vikna-express: metal-plastic windows

Project details

  • Date of release : 06.2014
  • Website address : vikna-ua.com.ua
  • Category : Corporate website
  • Design type : unique

The company "Vikna-express" is a leader in the sale of plastic windows in Kyiv.

The main task of the site:
1) collection of leads (applications) for a callback, a free consultation on windows or for a free measurement
2) quickly informing the site visitor about the prices offered by the company
3) positioning the company as a leader in a business niche.

Additional tasks of the site:
1) sale of accessories for plastic windows
2) sale of plastic doors
3) sale of glazing services or repair of balconies / loggias
4) informing the user of the site about the benefits and advantages of choosing certain types of double-glazed windows
5) informing the site user about window manufacturers.

The site was developed with an emphasis on further SEO promotion and contextual advertising, using a small number of the most effective SMO optimization tools.


Results of SEO promotion of the project: Vikna-express: metal-plastic windows

Metal-plastic windows
Sales maximization from SEO
Kyiv and Ukraine


New landing pages
Creating an SEO site structure

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Increased search engine traffic in a year


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