Portfolio: Promotion Beles: wholesale online store of children's toys

Project details

  • Date of release : 03.2017
  • Website address : https://beles.com.ua/
  • Category : online store
  • Design type : unique

Beles is a wholesale online store selling toys. After the release of the new version of the site, there has been a significant increase in positions in Google search results (including due to competent SEO optimization) and a significant increase in registrations of potential wholesale buyers.

A few key features of the site:
– multistore: for each of the 5 warehouses in Ukraine, a separate showcase of goods has been created
- quick synchronization of the site with the 1C database
– multilingual and multicurrency site
– good site speed with a catalog of about 30,000 products
- Responsive website design
— the ability to upload goods for Prom.ua and Yandex.Market
- the ability to save sets of frequently used filters in a personal profile

Client goals:

  1. Creation of a modern and attractive website that reflects the Beles.ua brand and attracts potential customers.
  2. Increased visibility and reach of the target audience in search engines.
  3. Increasing organic traffic to the site to increase the number of visitors and potential customers.
  4. Improve positions in search results for key queries related to Beles.ua products and services.
  5. Increase conversions and sales on the site.

Steps taken by StarMarketing agency:

  1. Analysis of customer requirements and target audience: StarMarketing conducted a detailed study of customer requirements and identified the main needs and expectations of the target audience. This allowed us to form an effective strategy for website development and SEO promotion.
  2. Website development: StarMarketing has created a modern, custom and mobile-responsive website for Beles.ua. The requirements of the client were taken into account, including easy navigation, attractive design, intuitive interface and ease of purchasing products.
  3. Keyword and Competitor Analysis: A thorough analysis of keywords and competitors related to Beles.ua products and services has been carried out. This helped to identify the most relevant keywords, as well as follow the strategies of competitors in order to develop an effective SEO strategy.
  4. Content optimization: StarMarketing has performed content optimization on Beles.ua pages. This included optimizing meta tags, page titles, product descriptions, and text blocks. The content has been optimized taking into account the keywords and needs of the target audience.
  5. Technical optimization: StarMarketing performed technical optimization of the Beles.ua website, including improving page loading speed, code optimization, fixing technical errors and ensuring that pages are correctly indexed by search engines.
  6. Link strategy: StarMarketing has developed a strategy for creating a quality link profile for Beles.ua. Research and search for relevant and authoritative web resources were carried out to place links and increase the authority of the Beles.ua website in the eyes of search engines.
  7. Monitoring and analytics: StarMarketing constantly monitored site performance, evaluated the effectiveness of the SEO strategy, analyzed traffic, positions in search engines and conversions. Based on the data obtained, appropriate adjustments and optimizations were made.

Results of SEO promotion of the project: Beles: wholesale online store of children's toys

Wholesale online store of toys
Increasing wholesale sales of toys online


  1. A modern and SEO-friendly website was created, reflecting the Beles.ua brand and providing a convenient user experience.
  2. Improved visibility of the site in search engines, which led to an increase in organic traffic and attract new visitors.
  3. Significantly improved site positions in search results for key queries related to Beles.ua products and services.
  4. By optimizing content and improving user experience, conversions and sales on the site have been increased.

As a result of the joint efforts of the StarMarketing team and the Beles.ua client, significant progress was made in the development of the site and its promotion in search engines, which led to an increase in brand visibility and attracting more potential customers.