Portfolio: Promotion Legaltech.od.ua: law firm (Odessa)

Client: Legaltech.od.ua is a law firm based in Odessa, Ukraine, specializing in the registration and liquidation of enterprises, as well as offering business consulting.

Problem: Due to the high competition in this area and in view of the growing demand for legal services on the Internet, Legaltech.od.ua needed to increase its visibility in search engines.

Task: Increase organic traffic to the Legaltech.od.ua website, improve its position in search engines and increase the conversion of visitors into customers through SEO optimization.

Star Marketing Strategy:

  1. SEO audit and technical optimization: StarMarketing conducted a full SEO audit of the site, fixing technical issues and optimizing its structure and loading speed. Also, work was done on the optimization of meta tags and descriptions, alt attributes of images and titles.
  2. Keywords and content optimization: Based on the keyword analysis, a content strategy was developed. The main services of the company were presented on separate pages with optimized content. The blog was launched to publish articles on current topics related to the legal field and business consulting.
  3. Link building: To improve the authority of the site and its position in search engines, work was done to attract incoming links from relevant and authoritative resources.

Results of SEO promotion of the project: Legaltech.od.ua: law firm (Odessa)

Law Firm
Legal order services
Keyword Position on Google Position in Yandex Traffic (month)
company registration in odessa 1 2 41
registration of ooo in odessa 1 3 15
registration ooo odessa 1 3 11
legal services in odessa 3 5 18
legal services odessa 4 2 10


  • Over 100% increased organic traffic to the site in 6 months.
  • The site's ranking in search results for key queries improved by an average of 40 positions.
  • The conversion of visitors to customers increased by 50%.
  • The bounce rate decreased by 25%, which indicates an increase in the interest of visitors to the presented content.