Portfolio: Promotion Krishi.com.ua: roofing materials (Odessa)

Project details

  • Date of release : 10.2014
  • Website address : krishi.com.ua
  • Category : Corporate website
  • Design type : unique

The company provides a wide range of roofing and exterior finishing materials.

The main task of the site:

  1. collecting leads (applications) for a callback, receiving calls for consultation on products of interest to site visitors.
  2. receiving inquiries and calls from potential clients interested in roofing
  3. presentation of the company's products and assistance in the selection of the necessary materials

Additional tasks of the site:

  1. informing site visitors about promotional offers of the company
  2. training a certain category of company customers to install products sold on the site.

The site was developed with an eye to further search promotion and attracting target customers with the help of contextual advertising. There was also a need to create a convenient site navigation with a fairly complex directory structure.