Portfolio: Promotion Citrus: online electronics store in Ukraine

Client: Citrus is a well-known online electronics store in Ukraine that offers a wide selection of products from the world's leading brands, including Beats by Dr. Dre.

Problem: Citrus faced the challenge of promoting Beats by Dr. Dre through their social networks Facebook and Instagram. Although they already had a significant subscriber base, they needed to build brand awareness and drive sales of specific products.

Task: Draw attention to Beats by Dr. Dre, increase subscriber engagement and drive sales through an innovative social media campaign.

Star Marketing Strategy:

  1. Competition "War of Noises": StarMarketing has developed a unique contest for Citrus followers on Facebook and Instagram. Participants were asked to create/upload a video in which they present their creative idea of what “fighting poor quality headphones” looks like in their lives.
  2. Business page design: StarMarketing specialists have updated the visual design of Citrus social media pages to match the style and color palette of the Beats by Dr. Dre.
  3. Creating and publishing content: There were regular posts promoting Beats products and highlighting the benefits of participating in the Noise War contest.
  4. Maintenance and moderation: StarMarketing provided active interaction with subscribers, promptly responded to questions and comments, and supported discussions.

The results of promotion in the social networks of the project: Citrus: online electronics store in Ukraine

Online electronics store
Sales of Beats by Dr. Dre
  1. Increasing engagement: During the "War of Noises" competition, the level of subscriber engagement increased by 65%.
  2. Attracting new subscribers: During the competition, the number of subscribers of Citrus pages on Facebook and Instagram increased.
  3. Increasing sales of Beats by Dr. Dre: Sales of headphones and other brand products in the Citrus online store increased during the competition.
  4. Brand awareness growth: After the competition, the recognition of Beats by Dr. Dre among Citrus subscribers has increased significantly.
  5. Positive reviews: Contest participants and Citrus subscribers highly appreciated the creativity and originality of the campaign.