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At first glance, Java and JavaScript are two programming languages with very similar names that are often confused with each other. And they are both object-oriented programming languages. But this is only at first glance, in fact, there are much more differences between them than similarities.

What is the difference between Java and JavaScript, which is better, in what cases to use.

To start talking about the differences between JAVA and JavaScript, it is necessary to clearly define these two concepts. JavaScript is a programming language, and Java can also mean a development platform. To make it possible to compare these two concepts, further by Java we will mean not a development platform, but a programming language.

Purposes of JavaScript and JAVA. What to choose?

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language originally developed for programming household appliances (called Qak). Later, the Java programming language began to be used to write various types of software, applets, desktop and server applications.

JavaScript (JS) is an object-oriented scripting programming language whose original purpose was to script active HTML pages. A scripting programming language is used to customize, manage, and automate the facilities of an existing system or application.

If we compare these programming languages based on their definitions, we already see their main difference. Java is a programming language for creating various types of applications, while JavaScript is an auxiliary language that is used in already created applications, as well as an additional programming language.

3 fundamental differences between Java vs JavaScript programming languages:

1. JAVA is an object-oriented programming language while JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language.

2. With JAVA, applications are created that run on virtual machines or in browsers, while JavaScript only runs in browsers.

3. JAVA code needed compile, and the JavaScript code is used in text form.

Why are the names of these languages so similar?

The thing is that JavaScript was originally called LiveScript, but after the Java programming language became world famous, LiveScript was renamed to JavaScript for commercial reasons.

Using JavaScript on the Web

Because of its simplicity and convenience, JavaScript is very commonly used in the WEB world. As the complexity of sites and various WEB applications grows, its use begins with a dynamic change in site elements, to their generation and development of the server part (client-server architecture) different types of applications. It creates various frameworks And librariesthat offer ready-made solutions to typical programming tasks in the WEB area.

JavaScript is most often used for interactive user interaction with the application interface, when, when performing certain actions, the application changes its design style, as if interacting with the user. Such reactions to user actions, within reasonable limits, can make interaction with the application more convenient and informative.

JavaScript is distinguished by the so-called “low entry threshold”, that is, to study it, you need to have a small amount of knowledge in the field of the WEB, in particular, including basic concepts html And css.
There are now many free resources for learning JavaScript: books, articles, forums, video tutorials, online courses, etc. that help you easily learn JavaScript from beginner level to advanced use.

Author: web-programmer of the agency of strategic Internet marketing Star Marketing Yaroslav Kustrich.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky