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TOP 7 Ways to Make Real Money on Tik Tok

Although Tik Tok does not have pay-per-view monetization like YouTube, this social network even earns millions of dollars! Although the platform was originally created for young people, its audience is replenished with people of different ages and professions. TikTok is no longer just for entertainment, but also for work. Consider the benefits of this social network and the 7 most popular types of earnings for bloggers.

Advantages and features of working in Tik Tok

It is a social network with an audience of over 700 million regular users. Tik Tok is a global business platform for quick sales, where the duration of commercials is 5–10 seconds. They completely hold the attention of the audience, because according to a study published in the publication The Telegraph, on average, people are able to focus on information for 8 seconds.

For 2021, there are about 5 million Tik Tok users in Ukraine

Pros of the "technical" side of Tik Tok:

  • The editor provides options for creating videos that save time. When filming a story, you can pause and continue recording without the need for editing. Masks and filters will decorate the video, music and sounds will complement the audio accompaniment.
  • The video is included in the recommendations for free.
  • Really quickly gain thousands of subscribers.

To make money on social networks, you need to expand your audience. The main tool is advertising. In TikTok, it is created in the format of short videos and promoted online. Getting a constant stream of subscribers from advertising is obtained only by mastering marketing, targeting and the psychology of the target audience.

You will either have to spend a lot of time and gain experience before the investment pays off and income appears, or trust setting up targeted ads on Tik Tok professionals, and make a profit much faster. They run campaigns taking into account the needs of the target audience, trends in the client's business niche and promotion secrets. An integrated approach increases the number of subscribers and gives a stable increase in sales.

Features of advertising in Tik Tok


Tik Tok uses virtual coins. For them, users purchase stickers and give them to bloggers in gratitude for the stream. Stickers are priced in their “local currency” – Tik Tok Coins and are sold for their respective amounts of money. The price of 100 coins is 1 $, the average cost of 1 sticker is 10 coins.

The blogger receives 80% from the value of the gift. Of the 10 coins, 8 will be credited to the account. The amount of 10$ and more is withdrawn to PayPal. The site removes a commission of 3.8%. TikToker's earnings depend on the solvency of its audience, the quality of advertising and promotion. Consider the 7 most profitable ways to make money on Tik Tok.

Record viral videos and collaborate with advertisers

What is it that bloggers shoot that famous brands are ready to pay them big money? Most of the "stars" of Tik Tok gained an audience thanks to "pampering":

  • Ip-dubbing or "open your mouth", synchronizing with singing in a popular track.
  • Shoot funny scenes with pets.
  • Post funny scenes from your life.
  • Create parodies of artists, scenes from films, cartoons, etc.

If you create catchy videos, you can get a significant income in a few months from the start of publishing videos.

What popular bloggers with high income became famous for:

  • Lauren Gray - over 50 million subscribers. She is one of the first to master the Musical.ly social network, which became Tik Tok. She opened her mouth to the performance of popular music groups, singers and danced. Now she is a beauty blogger and singer.
  • According to The Guardian, the top 20 TikTokers include an adorable dog jiffpom with 20 million subscribers. He can earn 100,000 $ per post.
  • Vlad Gramash from Ukraine - 4.7 million subscribers, which she gained in less than a year. She plays funny scenes with her boyfriend.
  • Among Russian TikTokers, according to Forbes, the leader is 22-year-old Rakhim Abramov. He is among the first who made money on TikTok on music from Russians. For the starting month of work, he received 100,000 rubles.
Even dogs make money on Tik Tok

Sell your services through live broadcasts

Important! Only accounts with 1,000 subscribers can start broadcasting.

Videos in real time are called streams. A blogger shows a master class, answers questions from the audience, or plays a computer game live. This is how specialists of any profession sell their professional services:

  • Hairdressers.
  • Photographers.
  • Psychologists.
  • Private clinics, dentistry, beauty salons.
  • Experts who create courses, trainings.
  • Artists and others

The blogger shows how he performs the services that he offers to potential clients, shares useful tips or shoots an interesting story and attaches a discount promo code to the video. Among the audience, Tiktoker not only finds customers, but also receives live cash rewards in the form of donations or gifts. Viewers send stickers, which the blogger later converts into money.

Ways to make money on Tik Tok

Sell goods

Through TikTok, they sell things with Ali Express, cosmetics, accessories for smartphones, clothes, dishes, etc., review products, test them for durability live, and show their use. Customers contact in private messages or are directed to the website of the online store by typing a short link or promotional code. In live broadcasts, auctions are held and goods are sold.

Participate in affiliate programs

On cooperation with companies or colleagues on Tik Tok, accounts are earned, starting from 5,000 subscribers. Affiliate programs are common among small and medium businesses. An online store orders a mascara review from a beauty blogger. Tiktoker shoots a commercial with a short link to the site, which a potential client manually enters into the browser search. For each buyer, the online store charges the blogger a cash reward.

Important! On Tik Tok, it is not possible to attach a clickable link to a site. Use short links or promotional codes.

The be True Media SEO agency provides the following statistics on Tik-Tok bloggers' income from advertising: over 100,000 subscribers - the advertiser pays from 100 to 200$ per post, an audience from 200,000 to 1 million - 1,000$ and more. A representative of another agency, who wished to remain anonymous, reported lower prices: from 250 to 27,000 UAH. for the post.

There are no fixed rates in this area, so the income of a blogger depends on which companies he cooperates with or whose accounts he advertises. TikToker, ignorant in marketing and advertising for the same job, can receive ten times less than someone who has experience in such a business.

You can find affiliate programs:

  • If you write an e-mail to the e-mail of the online store with a proposal to create a promotional video on Tik Tok. Attach a link to your account and portfolio.
  • When a Tik-Tok blogger gains over 50,000 subscribers, advertisers find him and offer cooperation.
  • Shop websites. If the outlet offers affiliate programs, this is indicated in the footer of its web page.
  • in CPA networks. These are intermediary sites between advertisers and publishers.
  • On TikTok, add a mention through “@” to your videos as a way to attract “promoted” bloggers or brands to cooperate.
  • In a browser search for "affiliate programs".

promote music

Thanks to Tik Tok, the song "Old Town Road" has gained 700 million views.

How to make money on Tik Tok

Bloggers put the track in the background, indicating its name and author, make covers, parodies of the clip, or simply open their mouths to the original performance of the song. TikToker "medium popularity" earns for advertising a musical composition 100-200$.

Administer accounts

Most entrepreneurs are busy creating and selling their products and do not have enough time to maintain pages on social networks. They hire administrators. For working on a TikTok account, you can get from 3,500 - 10,000 UAH per month. If you maintain a profile of a well-known brand, the payment is calculated in hundreds of dollars.

Promote YouTube or Instagram channels

Pages from other social networks are linked to the TikTok account. It becomes possible to add an active link to them. This is how YouTube attracts additional traffic, which increases views and monetization income. Through Instagram they are directed to online stores. This is how they promote their channels or others for a fee.

There are millions of TikTok users, and those who have catchy content and ads are making money. One talent, a sense of humor is not enough. Professionals help to develop an account for such earnings.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky