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TikTok quickly and thoroughly established itself in the minds of people as a trend-setting platform. And, last but not least, musical. What to do if you heard interesting music and want to download it? Let's figure out how to do it.

Download audio from Tiktok via the link to your phone, computer or tablet

The easiest way is to copy the link to the video and paste it on a special site for downloading sounds from TikTok.


1. Copy the link to the video with the music you are interested in

2. Go to any of the sites, paste the copied link into a special field and follow the instructions from the site:



Download music from Tik Tok via Telegram bot

By analogy with downloading music through the site, you can also download music through the Telegram bot. The procedure is the same: copy the link according to the instructions above, go to the Telegram bot and follow the instructions. Bot examples: 



Find the name of the track in the Tiktok application and download through the site

If popular music is playing in the video, the application itself will display its title. To do this, click on the music icon at the bottom left, in the window that opens, find the desired name.

This title can be entered into any streaming service or downloaded to devices from any music download source.

Recognize a song from TikTok and save to iPhone, Android or Windows

You need two devices to search for music. On one, we launch the desired video from TikTok, on the second, the Shazam application or analogues. Shazam will find the right music and it can be downloaded to any device. 

Unload sound from video using the application 

For this method you need to download the video (how to download video from tiktok) and convert it to audio using the app Timbre on Android


We have reviewed the five most popular options for downloading music and sound from Tik Tok. There are many services and ways to add your favorite song to your playlist. If you know other options, then write in the comments.

About the author - Karina Kim