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Today, social networks, during their rapid development, are no longer just used to communicate with friends, watch interesting videos and listen to music - they have turned into powerful advertising tools and trading platforms. With their help, millions of goods of various types and purposes are promoted and sold. That is why the company's presence in social networks is a prerequisite for successful business development in today's realities.

A good option for a platform for presenting a catalog of goods is the social network Vkontakte. There is a special functionality that allows you to add product cards to the community in this social network and sort them by albums (collections). Many online stores sell their goods on Vkontakte thanks to this tool.

Now imagine that you have an online store. It would be nice to have a catalog of his products in his own Vkontakte community. If the number of products is limited to a couple of dozen, then it is not difficult to transfer them manually and periodically update the information and status of availability in the warehouse. Even if there are several dozen products, the process of adding and updating them yourself will not take too much time. But what if there are hundreds or thousands of such goods? Their transfer will be very problematic, not to mention regular updates.

To solve this problem, the StarMarketing team developed a tool for automatically integrating the online store catalog into the Vkontakte community.

What is our tool?

Our development is based on the Vkontakte Market API and does not use iframe windows. It fully synchronizes all product categories of the store, implementing them in the form of albums (collections) of the community: the tool transfers all products, keeping the link to the categories, as well as basic information about them (name, description, price, etc.). With any change in the product card, the updated data will be transferred and edited on the page on the social network, whether it is a change in category or price. All synchronization occurs at the touch of a button, or in automatic mode: in this way you can set it to run automatically on a daily or weekly basis.

Our tool is not tied to the CMS, on the basis of which the online store is developed. It works directly with the database, which makes it possible to use it even in a “self-written” site. Integration implies the possibility of flexible settings: synchronization of goods of only the specified categories, updating of individual information about the product (for example, only prices), etc.

The capabilities of our development make it a universal tool for integrating an online store into its community on the Vkontakte social network. Want to learn how to use this functionality to grow your own business? Contact us and we will help you implement a highly effective sales platform on the Vkontakte social network.

Author: web programmer at a strategic internet marketing agency Star Marketing Yaroslav Kustrich

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky