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Marketing objectives: Attracting new clients for legal services in the cities of Kiev, Boryspil. Also a part of legal services was promoted to the whole Ukraine. Strengthening the position of the office in the market. Creating the image of an expert in the field of jurisprudence in the Internet. Tasks to promote the law firm: Promotion of the site to the top by keywords in Google Setting up and optimizing the advertising campaign in Google Ads. [...]
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Disasterstruck Public Adjusters employs some of the world's most experienced claims handling providers. We represent your interests, not the interests of the insurance company. If you have recently suffered a loss in relation to your residential property, commercial property, business, or any other affected home, we can help you through the claim resolution process.
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Legal services
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Promotion of legal websites from the StarMarketing team

StarMarketing is an internet marketing agency that specializes in website promotion, including legal websites. The unique strategy and methodology of StarMarketing implies an individual approach to each client and his needs. Below are the key aspects of StarMarketing's work in the field of promoting legal websites:

  1. Understanding the target audience: StarMarketing starts with a deep understanding of the target audience in order to develop an effective content and SEO strategy.
  2. SEO optimization: StarMarketing specializes in search engine optimization of websites. The keywords and phrases most likely to be entered by potential clients when searching for legal services are carefully researched and used to improve the site's ranking in search engines.
  3. Creating quality content: StarMarketing creates high-quality content that is useful to visitors and increases the reputation of the site in the eyes of search engines.
  4. Monitoring and analysis: StarMarketing constantly monitors the effectiveness of implemented strategies using modern analytical tools. This helps to quickly respond to changes in the behavior of the audience and the effectiveness of the strategy.
  5. PPC and contextual advertising: To drive traffic immediately, StarMarketing uses paid contextual advertising, especially Google Ads. This ensures a rapid flow of customers while the main SEO strategy starts to show results.
  6. SMM and reputation marketing: StarMarketing also uses social media to promote legal websites. This allows you to interact with potential customers, demonstrate expertise and build a reputation.

With this holistic approach, StarMarketing helps legal websites drive more targeted traffic, increase online visibility, and increase client numbers.