Market Vikna Kiev

Promotion Period:
November 1, 2022 through today.

Type of advertising:
Google Ads.

Company Name: - production of metal-plastic windows and doors.

Promotion Region:
Kiev and Kharkiv

Link to the project website:

It is always a challenge for any marketer to effectively promote and constantly search for new points of growth in traditionally competitive areas, especially in periods of high demand. One such example is the "metal-plastic windows" segment.
In our example, we were able to achieve cost-effective advertising for our client.

Project Features:

   "Company 'Market Window' specializes in production, consulting, delivery and installation of metal-plastic profiles. We also offer ready-made solutions.

   Currently cooperates with seven brands: KBE, Viknaroff, Rehau, WDS, Steko, Osnova, Veka."

   The client applied in early November 2022, during the low season.

   The main objective was to increase brand awareness and build a customer base for the start of the new season.

Stages of work on the promotion of plastic windows and doors in Google advertising:

Initial preparation and launch of advertising:

  • The site started to be promoted through Google ads immediately after its creation, with no other promotional methods used.
  • Before creating the website, the client was advised to make it an online store so that we could later launch shopping campaigns in Google, as they actually show better results than search engine campaigns.
  • In addition to the basic parameters for feeds in Merchant Center, it was recommended that a [brand] variable be introduced to allow for additional performance analysis across different window brands.
  • A selection of key phrases was made. In this area there is high competition with high cost per click, so it was necessary to select the most accurate key phrases, taking into account more general user queries. The semantics highlighted especially those queries where the names of specific localities and brands of window systems were mentioned.

Setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads and Google Analytics 4:

One of the initial and key steps before running ads is to properly set up goals (conversions) for analytics, machine learning, and ad campaign optimization. This data will be indicative for both the specialist and the Google advertising platform itself. If the goals are set up incorrectly, it can lead to erroneous ad analysis and incorrect conclusions.

The following objectives have been established on this project:

  • Checkout via cart
  • Sending a form to call a surveyor
  • Call request via Getcall from Binotel
  • Direct call to the company

Further optimization of plastic window advertising:

  • Due to high competition and the average cost of a click around 20 UAH in search campaigns with the cost of conversion around 1500 UAH on average, we after the necessary improvements on the site began to pass moderation and launch Shopping campaigns in Google.
  • On average, the cost per click in trading campaigns turned out to be 4.47 UAH per click, and the cost of conversion amounted to 500 UAH. This reduced the cost of a target lead by 3 times and the cost per click by 4.5 times.
  • Going forward, we started testing different campaigns with different settings apart from the aforementioned Shopping Campaigns (Merchant Center). 
  • Thanks to gradual optimization, we started to get cost-effective indicators corresponding to the KPIs set by the client (on average 380 UAH per conversion).

It was:

It became:

Google optimization results of metal windows advertising

Google Ads box graphic

Graph of changes in the cost of conversions, clicks, budgets in Google Ads (Kyiv + Kharkiv)

Case conclusions

Even in highly competitive niches it is possible to find promotion methods that combine the necessary efficiency to achieve the required results. In the process of promoting the project "MARKET VIKNA" we managed to reduce the initial average cost per click by almost 5 times, and the cost per conversion - by 3 times through effective optimization, identification of growth points and selection of the right marketing tools.

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