In the field of food delivery (sushi, pizza and other dishes) in Odessa competition is very high, which leads to the fact that those who enter the market without a promoted brand, often work at a loss. Therefore, the task of launching advertising in Google Ads requires a careful approach and experience to bring the client to a positive result on advertising as quickly as possible

Case for advertising sushi in Odessa

Project characteristics:

  • PurposeIncrease brand awareness and ins output by non-branded traffic on ROAS over 300% (only orders through the shopping cart are taken into account, excluding calls, messengers and other methods of communication):
  • Subject: ready-to-eat food delivery;
  • Promotion period: July 2021 through January 2024;
  • Type of advertising: Google Ads;
  • Promotion region: Odessa;
  • Competition: high,

The following Google Ads campaigns were created to realize the goals:

  • Search engine advertising for branded queries:
      • Created to separately analyze those who click on branded queries.
      • Aimed at customers who are already familiar with the brand or have been recommended by acquaintances or through offline advertising.
      • Implemented to avoid going to competitors' sites if they run a campaign on our branded queries.
  • Search engine advertising for product inquiries:
      • Display advertising for commercially related queries (shipping, ordering, etc.) that clearly identify the product is the main source of direct sales for non-branded queries.
  • Search engine advertising for competitors' branded queries:
      • Focused on users already familiar with our competitors' brands, who are also our target audience.
  • YouTube video campaign:
  • Target audiences were gathered, to which we tuned in and showed the videos created by the client.


Later on, other campaigns were created as you worked in your Google ads account.

The final results for the entire period of the advertisement:

  1. A separate budget for branded queries was agreed upon with the client, which averaged about 45 thousand UAH per month. Despite the fact that there was much more branded traffic, our budget was not enough to cover it. The ratio of advertising expenses to the order amount was on average 1 to 34 (i.e. for 1 UAH of expenses we received 34 UAH of orders).
  2. For the campaigns that are not related to brand requests, a budget of 43 thousand UAH per month was agreed upon. Analyzing the indicators for these campaigns, the ratio of advertising costs to the order amount was on average 1 to 3.4 (i.e. for 1 UAH of expenditure we received 3.4 UAH of order).
  3. Analyzing the overall advertising performance from 01/07/2021 to 31/01/2024, we obtained the following results:
    • Expenses: UAH 2.42 million
    • Total order amount through the shopping cart: UAH 38.7 mln
    • Ratio of total order amount via shopping cart to expenses: 15.95
    • Average price per click: 6 UAH

Case conclusions

In highly competitive niches, it is usually not easy to achieve good profitability. This requires knowledge of all the nuances of a Google Ads account and experience in advertising in the niche. Based on the results of advertising, we managed to increase the ratio of total order amount to expenses from 9 to 20.