Increasing consumer loyalty to the FREESTYLES brand through branded communities. Problems we faced:
The difficulty of the topic (few people want to subscribe to "Condoms") ...

Increasing consumer loyalty to the FREESTYLES brand through branded communities.

Problems we faced:

  1. The difficulty of the topic (few people want to subscribe to "Condoms").
  2. Lack of user engagement.

The client initially came to us in order to develop a bright, memorable promo site for advertising. Details of WEB-development can be found here.

After the launch of the site, we began to develop an advertising strategy. We conducted a competitive analysis and researched popular VKontakte communities dedicated to the psychology of relationships, love and sex. As a result, we discovered a hidden need in the consumer, which was a lack of educational programs about sex and relationships.

Teenagers (and not only them) are faced with a problem: on the one hand, there is unlimited access to pornography (which is difficult to impose on the realities of life), on the other hand, there are giant psychological texts about relationships that are quite difficult for the average person.

We came to the conclusion that it is Freestyles that can become a guide through the world of relationships and sex for our consumers, thereby gaining loyalty points and presenting itself as an expert in its niche.

The big idea of the Freestyles brand is to take people's sex life and relationships to the next level by educating them.

The SMM team implemented this idea in three social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook and Google+:

However, it would be wrong not to write about products at all ... But what can be said about condoms so as not to “frighten away” a person and so that he does not unsubscribe? After all, no one wants to be subscribed to a group about condoms. We've been creative about it. See for yourself!”

  • Most publications are informational in nature: tips, facts, articles, movies about relationships.
  • Once a month - interesting contests. Competitions are purely creative. And of course - prizes!
  • The "Discussions" block has been moved to a place unusual for most groups - above the flight news. In addition, it does not contain 3 topics (by default), but 7.

  • Relatively inexpensive advertising promotion (from 4 to 7 RUB per end subscriber)
  • Interesting surveys on the topic of relationships, love and sex.
  • Branded Call to action - calls to perform a specific action. Serve to increase engagement. With their help, the group rises higher in the search bar for a relevant query, regardless of the number of its members.


Number of subscribers


Organic growth of subscribers per month


Approval (I like it)


Engagement (number of comments per month)


Virality (share per month)

The project was made by:

  • SMM specialist: Oksana Dudnik
  • Designer: Olga Milevich
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh
  • project manager: Alexander Matola

For the StarMarketing team, the promo site of the official importer of FREESTYLES condoms has become not only a difficult task, but also a favorite interesting brainchild.

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