The sale of apartments for the residential complex "Lvovsky" is carried out by 2 official sales departments that compete with each other. Each of these two companies had its own website, but with the old site ...

The sale of apartments for the residential complex "Lvovsky" is carried out by 2 official sales departments that compete with each other. Each of these two companies had its own site, but with the old site, our client lost to his competitor.

The main goal of the client is to outperform their competitors.

The task was to develop a more convenient, informative and presentable site than competitors.

StarMarketing solved the goal set by the client in a comprehensive manner. First of all, we conducted an in-depth marketing research and analyzed 387 online resources for the sale of residential complexes in Kyiv and other large cities.

We studied forums and groups in social networks in order to identify the main needs of potential buyers, their needs and concerns.

On the territory of the residential complex there is a school, a kindergarten, a supermarket, a hospital, a church, a bank, a housing office and a gym.

Affordable price with high quality construction
One of the lowest prices for apartments on the market, surpassing many in terms of quality and reliability of construction.

Fast delivery times
The term of building a house from the beginning of construction to the delivery of the house takes about 12 months!

The Building Development Company has built and put into operation 17 houses in 2.5 years!

Wide choice of layouts
Apartments are available as one-, two-, three-, five-room and two-level apartments, ranging from 29 to 140 m2.

The proximity of the residential complex to the city and convenient transport interchange
From the territory of the residential complex there is a convenient minibus to the nearest metro station - 10 minutes and you are in Kyiv!

Having identified the main needs of a potential buyer, we began to design the site architecture according to the “sales tunnel” developed by us. Such a structure suggests an accessible statement of benefits for the buyer and imperceptibly leads him to the completion of a targeted action.

The site was designed in the style of a one-page Landing Page, which allows visitors to easily and quickly explore all the necessary information.

Triggers are a kind of “trigger” for the psyche. By turning on the trigger, you can send special impulses to the user's brain that motivate him to act in a certain way. We used more than 20 such triggers on the Lvovsky residential complex website, but we will only talk about a few:

  • This is one of the most powerful building blocks of trust, especially for a purchase as expensive and long-term as an apartment. That is why we have created a separate section for reviews. They can only be left by a resident of the residential complex, and this makes the reviews as objective as possible.
  • We understand that the decision to buy an apartment is made after weighing all the pros and cons, and the best argument is the maximum amount of information. That is why we brought to the first screen the opportunity to order a free transfer to the residential complex. Come and the sales staff will tell you everything in detail!

  • This is certainly not a psychological technique, but it is still worth mentioning. The structure of the site is simple and very visual. The user immediately intuitively understands where the information he needs is located. The menu contains the most important tabs: information about apartments, infrastructure, prices, payment terms.
  • The texts on the site use many different trigger words, the task of which is to stimulate and motivate the site visitor to better remember the advantages and benefits of the residential complex, as well as to incline to come and personally get acquainted with the complex and apartments.

  • Marketing research has shown that one of the key factors that are important for customers is the price and proximity to the city. That is why we put information about the cost of apartments (only from UAH 395,000!) and the location of the residential complex (2 km from Kyiv) in the header of the site. 
  • The timer on the first screen of the main page emphasizes that the great offer is limited in time. And you need to hurry to be in time! This is a very simple, but always working way to give a little push to the site visitor to the desired action.

We have developed a convenient system for finding apartments on the site. The user has the opportunity to choose an apartment:

  • in any of the proposed houses
  • by number of rooms
  • by apartment area
  • and for those who do not want to understand the filters, there is a great ability to quickly search.

In order for the user to appreciate all the advantages of the residential complex, we have placed on the site the most visual plan - of course, in 3D. Here the houses are clickable, they can be zoomed in and examined in detail. You can even see what kind of view from the window in the apartment of this house. What does the square, the entrance to the complex, the playground look like.

Since we approached the achievement of our goals in a comprehensive manner, we immediately launched contextual advertising on the new site. The results were impressive.

2.1 times

Growth in the number of visitors

2.32 times

Reducing the cost of customer acquisition

1.68 times

Increase in the number of clients


Call growth

The project was made by:

  • project manager: Alexander Matola
  • Designer: Taras Mitryakov
  • WEB developer: Daria Lukiyanchuk
  • PPC Specialist: Maxim Mazurok
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh

Several months have passed since the launch of the new site until this article was written, and we can safely say that the project met expectations and showed a significant improvement in results compared to the previous site.

In this project, we initially developed a reliable strategy for online promotion of the project, conducted a detailed study of the market, target audience and competitors, and with the results of the study and strategy, we started designing and developing the site.

It is this approach that is most correct in highly competitive niches, because any shortcomings in the site that affect the overall conversion can cost the company more than 10,000$ of lost profits per month!