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The last announced Yandex competition created a great stir in the world of webmasters, and also caused a lot of controversy and reasoning. We will not philosophize on whether or not to be a member, but taking this opportunity, we will give some tips to make your link look natural in the eyes of search robots. 

estestvennie ssylki How to make your link look natural in the eyes of search robots.


Yandex and its link competition

At the end of September, Yandex informed about the competition, the essence of which is quite simple. A webmaster (Internet marketer, owner of any Internet resource) needs to fill out a short form by adding two links to it. The first - to an outside page of the site that links to your resource, and the second - to the page of your website (which the first one links to). It should be the most natural link in your opinion.


Of course, there is a small list of simple rules (the site must be confirmed by the participant in Webmaster; for one site, you can submit this form no more than 3 times).

What in such a simple competition could cause so many disputes and questions? And the fact that all participants are divided into 2 camps: one actively participates and wants to receive a prize (link from the Yandex portal), the second is rather skeptical about the competition, believing that this is just a trick that will help improve Minusinsk (since the majority webmasters will add purchased links).

Perhaps that is how it will be. And by the end of the competition, we will see the announcement of the updated Minusinsk, and a large number of participants in this competition will be the first sites to fall under the filters.


Tips for those who have not changed their minds about participating

If you are one of those who are still going to risk and win this competition, then for this you will have to adhere to certain "rules". In order for your link to look natural in the eyes of search robots, it must have characteristic indicators, which means it must be really good. By following the tips below, you will be able to choose better sites (we advise all readers, not just contestants to read)

If the site is new, in no case do not use the direct occurrence of keywords in the anchor;

A good option is to use url's, branded links or common words (here, Here);

Choose only high-quality resources as donor sites, because. Yandex (and any other search engine) has long been able to easily identify link cleaning sites (sites that randomly link to everything that is possible) and this will certainly not be useful for your site;

Thematic sites with high TIC are always a winning option. Firstly, by placing links on thematic sites, you will get more weight and increase the TIC of your resource, and secondly, such links will always look more natural (you will agree, because a link to an online auto parts store from a site for pregnant women looks rather doubtful) ;

Additional indicators. Paying attention to them, you can draw deeper conclusions about the quality of the site:

o   MozRank

o   SEOmoz

o   Availability in Y.Catalogue and Dmoz

o   Number of pages in the Yandex and Google index

An excellent tool for quickly analyzing the above factors is the RDS bar, which is quite simple to install and use.

But we should not forget that today links are far from the first thing. Without quality content and good internal site optimization, it is pointless to expect results from link promotion.


Author: SEO-specialist of the strategic Internet marketing agency "StarMarketing" Khylenko Vyacheslav.

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky