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This autumn we needed even more colors, even closer to the sky. So, we decided to go hiking. It was the ascent of StarMarketing to Hoverla. Our path lay to the high-mountainous lake Nesamovyte, and from it along paths, stone roads to the highest point on the territory of Ukraine. For two days we walked along the mountain ranges, breathed a lilac mist and ended up on the top of the highest mountain.








2061 meters above sea level is a fresh wind of inspiration and a hurricane of new forces, which is the time to direct in the right direction. We look forward to projects in order to quickly convey that very feeling when everything works out in the best way. Only now not in the airspace of the skies, but in the real world of marketing. Let there be more sales for you - we have higher performance indicators!



About the author - Vadim Steblinsky