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OK. Imagine that you have your own restaurant. Or you really have it. Or perhaps you are a PR manager, an accountant, or just a best friend, brother, owner's girlfriend. Doesn't matter. The bottom line is that you suddenly came up with the idea that your business urgently needs a page on Facebook (hereinafter referred to as FB) and Instagram. I hope that the idea of running your own business in classmates did not occur to you. I really hope.

In general, if you already know the smart word SMM (message, if in our opinion) and you have firmly decided that you can’t go anywhere in the 21st century without this, let’s be friends.

I will not explain such simple things as creating pages and accounts. Let's move on to the main dish.

I am sure that your restaurant has a logo, menu, business cards and so on. You probably also have a corporate font that you use everywhere and everywhere. All this needs to be shown to people, is it logical? We sculpt the cover and profile photo of your business page. It is advisable to hire a designer, but you can try it yourself. Use friendly images. Choose it so that it is easier for people to understand what kind of place you have. It can be either a photo from a restaurant or some design solutions, preferably in your corporate style.

You can put information on the cover. For example, the motto or slogan of your restaurant. Use the cover not just as a space to fill with an image, but to promote your company, its values, advertise your products and services, tell the news and about your employees on the cover.

Good example:


So, you feel a slight spicy ecstasy from the look of your page. All your friends clicked like and shared the page with all their friends. For the tautology, I beg your pardon, without it nowhere. What to do next?

You need to post 150 food and drink photos!

No no and one more time no.

Yes, photos of drinks and food are a key part of your content, but by no means are they 100% content. And this must be understood. Introduce guests to the interior, write interesting stories related to the restaurant, introduce them to the staff (you can also write about this very cool and fun). Social networks are created for simple and easy communication. So communicate with your clientele! Be open, cheerful, friendly. Make people smile and get only positive emotions. After all, it’s not enough to set the table, you also need to maintain a dialogue.

Can I post 150 food and drink photos now?!

Yes, you can show people your food. But please, not all 150 items on your menu at once. I have no doubt about the talent of your chef and bartender, but a lot of photo content in the feed will not look good. If you already feel like it, create a photo album called “Our Bombing Menu” and drop everything, everything, everything there. Do not be afraid to somehow brand the photo. Your small logo somewhere in the photo will be very appropriate. But here is your choice. Forget and throw out all the trivial and hackneyed epithets. "Freshest Meat", "Exquisite Menu", "Refined Menu". No need. You don't really need to. Better write that your cook studied at Hogwarts, the waiters wait on Elizabeth II in their free time, and your bartender pours twice as much if you ask nicely. Well, you understand what I mean. If not, for lunch you will find the freshest meat, juiciest fish and a refreshing cocktail. Enjoy!


Now you have a cool page. Everything looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But suddenly, like thunder in broad daylight, a negative review comes to your feedback. The fish is not the juiciest, the meat is not the freshest, the menu is not exquisite. One negative review will not break your business into small pieces. There will always be one dissatisfied person for every 100 happy people. Now we need to calm down and breathe. Negative feedback is also feedback! . Find out the objective reasons and try to fix the trouble. Be friendly, thank the client for the feedback. This will discourage them from attacking you. In short, we respond to the negative with a positive and everything will be fine.


There are many ways to attract new guests and popularize your page. It can be both targeting and various kinds of contests. There is already a taste and color.


And now some tips:

  1. If your budget allows, trust your social media business to the pros. In your city, there are most likely companies whose profile includes this same SMS. Contact them. They will tell you exactly what, where and how.
  2. If you decide to hire a full-time texter, it must be an extremely competent person, preferably with the ability to use Photoshop and hold a camera in your hands (at least your phone’s camera). Feel free to pay him adequate money. You won't be full of talent alone.
  3. Be sure to add your restaurant to tripadvisor and similar directories.
  4. This applies to foursquare as well. Yes, there are people who actively use it. And I am one of them!
  5. Do not think that running a business on facebook and instagram is the same thing. These are completely different social networks with their own concept of work and target audience. No need to stupidly copy-paste posts from Facebook to Instagram. This is bad. Very bad. There will definitely be a separate article about your business on Instagram.


We wish success and prosperity to your projects.



The author of the article is Vadim Kirilenko, an SMM specialist of the strategic Internet marketing agency (facebook)


About the author - Vadim Steblinsky