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The last part of the translation of an article by blogger and digital marketing consultant Harry Dack about common mistakes in social media marketing strategy. Read the beginning of the article Here.

7. Full URL in the description

When you paste a link into the status field, Facebook generates clickable images + text snippet. Thus, the inserted link is redundant and should be removed. A catchy description usually takes its place. A link should never be present without a description.

The same idea can be implemented for Twitter. It is worth using short link services for this social network to leave more space. In addition, some short link services such as Bitly or Goo.gl , help track the number of clicks.

8. Frequent or irregular postings 

Publishing posts one after another for several minutes is a good reason for subscribers to unsubscribe or simply skip your posts. Companies should use planning tools such as Bufferapp or Hootsuite to select the optimal posting time. On Facebook, marketers can view statistics, the “Publications” section, which shows the time the page was visited by its subscribers.
The other extreme is infrequent or irregular publications. They make you forget. Create a consistent posting schedule so readers know when to expect updates from you.

9. Ignoring comments

Those responsible for the social media strategy must respond to customer needs by responding to comments on social networks.

In addition, brands should respond to negative comments as quickly as possible. If you ignore them, you will definitely lose trust and followers. Sometimes turning a negative experience into a positive one, correcting mistakes, can form an even more loyal customer.


10. Absence marketing researchGroup Reach Growth

For effective social media promotions, Internet marketers should analyze the efforts spent on SMM. Is your reach growing? Are you attracting more and more followers, or are your stats steadily dropping? Are your posts consistent with the branding mission and principles? If possible, do you calculate ROI? What metrics are important to you?

Performance analysis is critical to a successful marketing campaign. But remember that it's not just the increase in subscribers, comments, likes, etc. that needs to be analyzed. These figures can grow from month to month, but if your efforts do not lead to an increase in website sales, email lists, or what is the end goal, you're wasting your time.


Before ideas can go viral, companies need to understand that social media is one tool of their overall marketing strategy. Each of its aspects needs to be focused and executed. By avoiding the above mistakes, marketers will be able to increase the presence of their business on the Internet.

Which of the following mistakes have you made or, on the contrary, which do you avoid?

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About the author - Vadim Steblinsky