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When you set out to find something on the Internet, you will first find words, words, and more words. A lot of words.

But our brain loves to watch the action more. No wonder YouTube is the #2 search engine and #3 social network worldwide.

Looking through hundreds of pages of information, our brain, which loves moving pictures, gets tired of numerous letters and numbers very quickly. At the same time, we can watch even the most monotonous video to the end if it is a visualization of something.

For business development explainer video on homepage or landing page of your website is one of the best ways to improve communication with the client. How to make this video so that customers do not get bored watching it?

1. A good explainer video uses action to inform and entertain.

Online competition is very high. Just one idea, while still in its infancy, can already spawn hundreds of imitators. What separates a good explainer video from a mediocre one?

It answers three main questions - "Who? What? Why?" through action, information and entertainment.

Again take a closer look to your landing page. You probably have a “welcome” ad there. But this is unlikely to help you get ahead in the face of fierce competition.

In less than one minute, a well-crafted explainer video will show your visitors everything they need to know about your business:

  • Who you are?
  • What are you doing?
  • Why should you use your products or services?

Take a look at this explainer video for the Message service:

As they should, the three most important questions are answered using action, information and entertainment:

  • Who: A web application for group communication and social media management.
  • What: Easy-to-use and navigate software that improves productivity.
  • Why: clear, with an attractive design and at a very reasonable price.

Wouldn't you like to try the Message app? And your eyes, didn't they follow all the action until the very end of the video? That's the power of a good explainer video and our brain's love for moving pictures.

2. A good explainer video should be provocative and emotional.

Another great technique for an explainer video is to create a meaningful and expressive visual story with characters to evoke emotions in the viewer.

Here's how this technique was played out in an explainer video for the service Attentive.ly:

This adorable video is more like a featurette, but it still answers the questions “Who? What? Why?". The video is full of action, information and entertainment.

Through the video you will learn:

  • Who: Attentive.ly is a social networking and networking service.
  • What it does is help you connect with your customers on social media.
  • Why you should try this service - it will help you advertise your events and promotions, and at the same time find out what your customers are discussing on social networks.

After watching this creatively designed story, the viewer is intrigued and wants to learn more about Attentive.ly to see how it can help you promote your ad campaigns and drive more traffic to your site.

3. Good explainer videos combine live action with animation.

Animation amuses and entertains. But you may want to add a personal touch - human connections. An explainer video can combine graphics, animations, and illustrations with live action to add personalization to your who, what, and why.

Here's how they did it for the service Airbnb:

Notice how the scene changes and the focus is always on the girl. Instead of static shooting, there is constant movement.

The viewer is captivated. Signals are sent to the brain so that you can keep your eyes on the girl and at the same time have time to follow a small animation.

Suddenly you find yourself inside a variety of houses. This is a personal factor. There is a house in which it is warm and cozy. Then you are shown a completely different house, which at the same time also looks cozy and hospitable.

Then the same girl continues her story, while telling all the same “who, what and why”:

  • Who is Airbnb - a company that helps you find a really interesting place to spend the night.
  • What Airbnb is all about is the sheer variety of affordable accommodation options that are always easy to find and just as easy to list if you're the lucky owner of your own property.
  • Why you should use Airbnb - because there are no other companies offering something similar, everything is different here.

After watching this explainer video, the next time you're going on vacation, you'll likely want to consider finding accommodation with Airbnb, or alternatively listing your apartment there so it won't be idle while you're away.

4. A good explainer video influences your decision to buy something or use the offered service or service.

The three videos above were more about services, but you may be in the business of selling specific products.

People may not have a specific need for your product, but after watching a video presentation, many of them may make an impulsive purchase of your product, just because they just want it.

Here's what the headphone video looks like Urbanears Tanto Headphones:,

Human hands present the product to you in this video presentation, which also creates a human connection. Constantly supported on weight, the headphones look the same as in everyday life. Vibrant colors constantly change throughout the video.

  • Who are they - a company that manufactures headphones in Stockholm in Sweden.
  • What they do is connect you to your music with multi-coloured headphones that deliver incredible power in a small and lightweight package.
  • Why you should buy them - because they are open headphones, listening to music in which you will also hear what is happening around you.

The constant shifting of vibrant colors and frames happens so quickly that you're tempted to watch this video again.

You may not need headphones yet. But now, after you learned about the existence of this company thanks to their video presentation, all this will definitely pop up again in your memory when the idea of buying headphones for yourself or someone as a gift arises.

5. A good explainer video gives people the opportunity to know that you exist.

When someone uses Google or YouTube to search for a product or service, chances are they will find your video. When you put in the effort to create a really high-quality video, you create an opportunity for: events:

  • The leaders of any work teams can share your video to discuss how they can benefit from your product.
  • Potential customers will see your product or service in action.
  • Since video can be a more effective way to connect with a client, you can increase the number of subscribers or shopping, sometimes even two or three times.

Visual media generate interest in you in a way that words can't, demonstrating the "who, what, and why" of your business through action, information, and entertainment.

A good explainer video will make any product more memorable.

Based on materials KISSmetrics

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky