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Continued translation of an article by blogger and Digital Marketing consultant Harry Dack about common mistakes in SMM strategy. You can find the previous items Here.

3. Complete absence of hashtags or unoptimized hashtags

Use the power of hashtags, create your own. If the content with your hashtag has attracted attention, then you will get a viral effect. It's important to create hashtags that are meaningful, engaging, interesting, and unambiguous.

Brands should also use trending hashtags. This will help you get more reach and engage your brand in trending communication. How can you find trending hashtags?

  • Use services such as hashtagify.me to identify hashtags related to your business;
  • Then you should determine if this hashtag is being abused. This can be done using the service RiteTag.com. If a hashtag is being overused, it's best to choose a different one. Otherwise, your content will get lost in a sea of posts.


4. Isolation of SMM from other types of Internet marketing

The emphasis on social media is so great that some marketers forget about other promotion channels. In order for social media pages to reach their full potential, they must be linked to a business website, blog, product pages, and other digital platforms - this is the essence of how search linking social networks and web resources works.

The presets and growing interest in a business blog are critical to your brand's long-term success. After all, subscribers don't want to see requests to go to a product page on social media, but are more than willing to read interesting news, tips or recommendations.

For example, if you're promoting cosmetics on social media, posting a link to a medical article about acne won't get you many clicks. On the other hand, blog articles titled "Top Skin Care Experts Revealed Mysteries" or "How to Feel Confident in Only Your Own Skin" will get a lot of response. An added benefit is that the audience will also develop positive associations with your brand.

5. Trying too hard to sell

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is constantly trying to sell. Do not overdo it with social media advertising and don't forget the good stuff.Selling on social media

By posting content that is useful to your audience, you are demonstrating that you care, regardless of whether these people buy something or not. Thus, you “nurture” a loyal audience.


 6. Obsession with visual content

The value of visual content can be exaggerated. For example, as for Twitter:

  • Photos get 35% more retweets on average;
  • Video - on 28%;
  • Famous quotes - by 19;
  • Information in the form of a list - 17% more;
  • Posts with hashtags - on 16%

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About the author - Vadim Steblinsky