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Instagram is an application for mobile devices that allows you to record and edit photo and video materials, as well as distribute them using other social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, etc.)

The application appeared in 2010. Thanks to its high popularity, it attracted the attention of Facebook. In 2012, it was bought out by the company for a record $1 billion.

Instagram stands out among other social networks with its rapid growth and tremendous user engagement:Instagram User Engagement

  • The engagement rate is 15 times higher than Facebook;
  • More than once a day new posts appear for 43% users;
  • About 35 % audiences enter Instagram several times a day;
  • 37% Internet users aged 18 to 29 are Instagram users.
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Advantages of Instagram:

  • A fast growing, engaged social network;
  • Ideal for products with visual representation (for example, clothing);
  • A good tool to draw attention to the product.


Disadvantages of Instagram:

  • Limited search for specific profiles;
  • Not suitable for instant sales.


To use Instagram for business, you need to create a business account. For Instagram promotions it is important to fill out the profile correctly and place at least 9 photos in the account. The specific content you publish depends on which organization you represent. Instagram may include the following topics:

  • Photo and video of the product (service) with a description;
  • Promotions and contests;
  • The production process of the product (video is also possible);
  • Your office, employees;
  • Trips, business trips;
  • Your satisfied customers;
  • Announcement and invitation to events;
  • Your premises (shops, offices, restaurants and cafes);
  • Branded thematic quotes, humor, advice.

For example:An example of promoting a business account on Instagram


Since Instagram searches through a hash tag system, it's important to prepare a list of hash tags that are appropriate for your business and implement your own as well.Instagram account promotion example

At the moment, there is no internal advertising exchange, like Vkontakte or Facebook, in this social network. However, you can promote your offer by posting a post in popular accounts using external services, for example:

  • Plibber is a platform that allows you to place advertising posts on various social networks: Facebook, Vkontakte, Google+, Twitter, Odnoklassniki and Instagram. Implemented a convenient search by topics, number of subscribers, audience selection by geography.Advertising exchange for different social networks


  • Dealway — exchange of advertising promotion in Instagram. It supports the placement of advertising posts in communities of various topics, as well as the purchase of likes and subscribers.Exchange for Instagram promotion

Of course, Instagram is not suitable for all types of businesses, but for those that “have something to show”. However, if you think that these are exclusively brands of clothing, accessories or shoes, then you are mistaken. For example, one of the first in this chain was to promote the Starbucks coffee shop. The company gave subscribers an inside look at the process of making coffee, and also presented a large number of images of the product itself.

In addition to coffee shops and restaurants, Instagram promotion is suitable for:

  • Internet shops;
  • car dealerships;
  • beauty salons;
  • Events and master classes;
  • travel agencies.


68% Instagram users are women. If they are your target audience and you have something to show, then Instagram is suitable for these purposes.

The internal functionality of Instagram is significantly limited. But for it there are various external services:

  • Bluestacks is a mobile device emulator that allows you to use Instagram on your work computer. Ideal for posting photos from the camera, bypassing the stage of getting on a mobile device. The disadvantage is the long loading of the program;
  • Iconosquare is one of the first analytics services for Instagram. Shows statistics on the dynamics of subscribers and unsubscribers, account rating, engagement, statistics of the most popular posts, dynamics by months.


Instagram differs significantly from other social networks, such as Vkontakte or Facebook, because:

  • It was not conceived as a social network in principle, therefore it has limited functionality (there is no possibility of instant communication, etc.);
  • Is a purely visual social network;
  • It has a high degree of involvement and rapid growth.

    Do you use Instagram to promote your business? Write in the comments!

    Author: Oksana Dudnik.



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