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 New Year holidays are a time of magic, miracles and dreams for all people, except for marketers and businessmen. For business owners and advertisers, this is an excellent informational occasion with which you can increase sales and get more customers. There are a huge number of tools in online and offline advertising. Let's talk about online promotion. Here are 12 simple, practical tips on how to make the most of social media this New Year's Eve.


  1. Avatar and page cover - as Captain Obvious suggests, this is the first thing your customers see on the page. Before the New Year, they should be decorated. It is not necessary to completely redo the design, you can just add a few winter elements - snowflakes, a Santa Claus hat and stuff like that. If there is no suitable and free designer nearby, and you have not mastered Photoshop, then use the services and templates that make life easier in this matter (for example, in canvas you can choose a festive cover and an appropriate image size for decorating your pages on different social networks.)

how to quickly make a Christmas cover and avatar for social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+


  1. His Majesty Content during the holiday period requires special treatment. Attach interesting, joyful images to your post. Ask questions to your followers. Perhaps it is at this time that you will discover in yourself an additional talent as an artist or writer. Of course, do not forget to prepare congratulations for your clients and readers in advance.


  1. A bag with presents

Give gifts to your customers and they will return you with loyalty and orders. For example, think of a contest with prizes and post it on your wall. Use the power of social networks. We to you prompt.

  1. Special offers

Create unique, time-limited offers. New Year holidays are the time of promotions, discounts and discount coupons. Pin a promotion post to the top of your page or create a special offer on Facebook.

Offers motivate users with a call to action, show in real time how much is left before the end of the promotion, collect contacts of potential customers and redirect them to the site.


Make a unique or special New Year offer on your Facebook page


  1. Events

Create individual events on behalf of your business page. Events in social networks provide more opportunities for promotion and advertising, and also form an additional segment of the target audience. At the end of the competition, you can save this audience and use it in the future.

  • Odnoklassniki - the "Groups" section on the main page of your profile, click on the orange icon "Create a group or event";
  • Vkontakte - section "My groups" on the main page of your profile, click on the blue button "Create a community";
  • Facebook - your business page; click on the green button “Offer, events”, click on the “Event” icon.


  1. Website traffic

Holiday time = traffic and lead generation time. To make the most of this time, you need to “save” your website visitors in their social media communities. Website optimization (SMO) will help you with this.

Of course, site optimization is a big separate topic, but here are some tips for you before the New Year:

  • you can quickly make buttons for all your social profiles using the constructor pluso
  • to increase the reach of users in the community, you can embed your publications (groups / pages) on the site.


How to embed publications on the site from VkontakteEmbed publications on the site from VKontakteEmbed posts on the site from Facebook
Embed publications on the site from VKontakte: at the bottom of the post, click on the share icon, click the Export button, copy the Embed Code and paste it on your site.
You can embed publications on the site from Facebook in the same way: click on the arrow next to the publication - Insert publication, copy the code and place it on your site.
The code is placed on the site in the usual way in the code tab. This is how it looks on the site:


Here we will tell you all about one bidding method - the initial and the most important one.

Published StarMarketing December 14, 2015



  1. Increase online sales

The main source of sales in social networks is targeted advertising. Select the audience segment that your ad will target (regular customers or people who made a purchase last holiday season), and then create a message for them with information about offers and promotions that may be of interest to them.

During the holiday season, stick to a “continuous” retargeting strategy. For example, some person visited your website, looked at a sweater, but never bought it. Custom audiences from the website allow you to find this user when he enters the social network from any device and show him an ad for that very sweater and, possibly, a scarf and hat to match him. Such retargeting can be set up for all your popular products on Facebook, VKontakte or Odnoklassniki.


  1. Increase your brand awareness

Create ads that increase awareness and grab attention. At this stage, you need to choose the type of advertising that contributes to the formation of your brand and reputation. Just like you optimize your ad content, you should optimize your bid to reach as many people of interest as possible.


Social media advertising that increases brand awareness

  1. Increase local sales and visits to your company

Ads with the Local Awareness objective will help you reach people who are close to your business. Reach out to them anytime, on any device, so they remember you when they're nearby. If you're using ads to increase local visibility, simply enter the distance from your business location and the age and gender of the potential customers you'd like to reach.


company visits through social media advertising visits to the company through advertising in social networks VKontakte


  1. Write letters not only to Santa Claus

On holidays we poison and receive many letters. Use the possibilities of e-mail marketing, collect a customer base, send congratulations, links to your promotions and pages on social networks in letters.

  1. Scale your business

Give your business an additional segment of customers with the help of establishing a presence in a new social network. To save time, use cross-posting methods (when you post a message in one social network, and this message will automatically become duplicated in your other social profiles).


  1. Save success for the whole year

Use the experience gained, do not stop testing and experimenting, analyze the results and open up new opportunities for the development of the company.


Author: SMM specialist of the agency of strategic Internet marketing Star Marketing Irma Nanovskaya

About the author - Vadim Steblinsky