Portfolio: Promotion Amore: manufacturer of bed linen

Project details

  • Date of release : 08.2014
  • Website address : amore.ua
  • Category : online store, e-commerce, landing page
  • Design type : unique

The company "Amore" is a manufacturer of bed linen under its own brand.

The main task of the site:

  1. sale of bed sets through the site basket
  2. sale of products through telephone orders
  3. attracting wholesale buyers

Additional tasks of the site:

  1. increasing awareness of the Amore brand in its niche in the Ukrainian market.
  2. informing site visitors about profitable promotional offers of the company.
  3. informing the potential audience about the advantages of certain types of fabrics for sewing bed linen.

In addition to the main task - selling bed linen through the site's basket, it was necessary to create favorable conditions for attracting the company's wholesale customers. To this end, a landing page was developed inside the site to present the terms of cooperation for potential wholesale buyers.