"Vikna-express" is the leader in retail sales of metal-plastic windows in Kyiv and the region. The main task of the site is to provide even more sales, attract new customers, provide the necessary information ...

"Vikna-express" is the leader in retail sales of metal-plastic windows in Kyiv and the region. The main task of the site is to provide even more sales, attract new customers, provide the necessary information to the target audience and convert the visitor into an application. The main strategy for attracting traffic is search engines (SEO promotion and contextual advertising).

Having received this information and a completed brief from the client, we set to work.

plastic windows case web development

We examined the Vikna-UA project not only from the position of SEO promotion, but from a more complete point of view of a marketing strategist. We wanted to develop a solid strategy for the development of this brand, which would give the best result in the long term.

It was decided to optimize the entire site for key queries and create a unique landing page for each popular query. The client decided to try, and the project went into development.

The peculiarity of StarMarketing is that we have rich experience not only in online advertising, but also in website development. Our SEO department analyzed the key user queries and structured them.

For example, users search for windows most often:

  • by specific type (standard, color, energy-saving, etc.)
  • by appointment (in a house or in an apartment)
  • by manufacturer name (Aluplast, Rehau, WDS, etc.)

For each of these requests, we have developed a unique landing page.

The new structure of the site is as convenient as possible and gives the user the opportunity to get all the information that is important for him.

  • We used several strong psychological triggers on the site. For example, the timer on the first screen of the main page. He emphasizes that the advantageous offer is limited in time. And you need to hurry to be in time!
  • We put in it ALL important information for the user. Interested in energy efficient windows? Prices for doors or balconies? Need to glaze the loggia? Every popular question has an answer in the form of a menu item. And at the same time, the menu is not overloaded and intuitive.
  • We have created an "Online Store" section on the site. In this section, accessories for metal-plastic windows and doors will be sold, which can be purchased by placing an order online.

  • Reviews are a powerful element in building trust. That is why, in addition to written reviews, we have placed audio reviews on the site. These are records of conversations between Vikna-UA employees and clients. The icon next to each such review clearly shows the overall rating.
  • In addition to the reviews, we posted videos on the website, where the company's employees install doors and windows, repair the balcony. You can view photos of employees and contact them immediately.
  • On the landing pages, we used several strong Landing Page elements. For example, bright capture points backed up by promotional offers

The project was made by:

  • SEO Specialist: Sergei Vorodin
  • project manager: Alexander Matola
  • WEB developer: Yulia Sidorenko
  • Designer: Taras Mitryakov
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh

The Vikna-UA project is a vivid example of StarMarketing's strategic approach to the success of our clients. Thanks to the developed brand development strategy, after a few months (to be more precise, after 5) of working with the site, we managed to increase traffic from organic search by 4.2 times.

In the summer, the site conversion reaches 21% from unique visitors. This means that every 5th unique visitor contacts the company.

However, we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly improving the site in order to reduce the bounce rate and increase conversion, regularly test new channels for attracting traffic and work to improve the results from the main traffic sources, such as SEO promotion and contextual advertising.