The client contacted us with the aim of creating a website for advertising and increasing confidence in their brand.

First of all, we developed a general advertising promotion strategy, and from it we deduced…

The client contacted us with the aim of creating a website for advertising and increasing confidence in their brand.

First of all, we developed a general strategy for advertising promotion, and from it we derived the concept of the site. It was decided to make a bright, colorful, attractive promo site that will be remembered by its visitors.

The site should put the brand into the subconscious of the visitor, so that when they see it on the store shelves, people understand that this is a quality product that will save them from all possible troubles.

The client liked the proposed concept and we set to work. A bright and memorable design with a parallax effect was developed.

  • Beautiful candid pictures with a touch of romance, which are aimed at a youth audience.
  • The name of the company is played on the site, its letters “follow” the user due to the parallax effect. The effect is worked out smoothly and beautifully, it makes you want to scroll the site further and further.

  • Condom packages show diagrams of couples. We decided to beat them on the site: firstly, this will help to better remember the brand and make it more recognizable. And secondly, it is bright and creative, and users will like it.

  • As we already mentioned, the site was originally developed as part of an advertising strategy. Given the specifics of products, social networks will become the most effective advertising channel. That is why we made the call to subscribe to publics so noticeable and attractive.

  • We decided to bring a number of funny photos on the site, which depict condoms. Such information is always perfectly remembered due to positive emotions, and the user also has a desire to share an interesting post.

  • We have provided the user with detailed information about the entire range of products. Each type of product is dedicated to a whole screen, and the soft parallax effect and smoothly changing elements make you want to scroll further and further.

  • Of course, not only the emotional component of the brand is important, but also the high quality of products. That is why we provide information on production, quality control and certificates on the website.

  • Testimonials are one of the most powerful elements of building trust, especially when it comes to products as specific as condoms. After all, not everyone is ready to discuss this topic with friends.

The project was made by:

  • project manager: Alexander Matola
  • WEB developer: Daria Lukiyanchuk
  • Designer: Evgeny Petruk
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh
  • SMM specialist: Oksana Dudnik

For the StarMarketing team, the promo site of the official condom importer Freestyles has become an excellent and interesting project, where we were able to apply our experience and individual developments to the benefit of the client.

The site has become an excellent foundation in the overall strategy for promoting the company on the Internet. Such a promo site will always inspire the necessary trust among the target audience, will be remembered and pop up in the mind when a person chooses a product from this category of goods on the shelves in the store, which ultimately will make it possible to make a choice in favor of Freestyles products.

Monthly traffic growth, excellent behavioral indicators in Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrica are a pleasant result of the work done.