The Uniq online store specializes in selling gift flash drives with an interesting and unusual design. Especially popular among buyers are products from…

The Uniq online store specializes in selling gift flash drives with an interesting and unusual design. Particularly popular among buyers are products from the "Jokes" section, so it was decided to choose just such flash drives as a prize.

In addition, within the framework of the developed strategy for promoting the brand group in the social. network, we wanted to develop an association among future users with the fact that Uniq flash drives are not only beautiful and unusual, but also cheerful, bright and cheerful.

  1. Increasing brand awareness
  2. Forming a sustainable brand association with bright and creative USB products

  1. Increasing activity among members of a newly created group
  2. Gradual attraction of friends of the participants, focus on a young audience

The competition was held in 2 stages.

  1. At the beginning, the participants were asked to use a poll to choose from two proposed flash drives, which one they like more and why.
  2. After determining the winning flash drive, using a random number generator, we chose the main winner among her fans. The lucky person received the flash drive he liked as a gift, and we awarded the author of the most original comment with the second flash drive.

Deadline: 2 weeks.

In order to publicize the contest and make it viral, it was mandatory to join the group and share the survey with your friends.

We also posted information about the competition in public friends. We encouraged participants to discuss in the comments and "added fuel to the fire."


Number of participants


Comments left


New fans of the group


Number of page news views


organic subscriber growth

The project was made by:

  • SMM specialist: Oksana Dudnik
  • Designer: Olga Milevich
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh
  • project manager: Alexander Matola

This competition started under difficult conditions, as social media groups had just been created, and they had very few subscribers. However, the simple conditions of the promotion and funny prizes attracted a lot of attention from users and contributed to its wide popularity.

The first competition, held for Uniq, ended up being a fun and successful one. Despite the fact that the costs were really small: 2 flash drives for gifts to participants and 50 USD. for targeted advertising on Vkontakte.

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