The Citrus company represents a number of brands in Ukraine exclusively or on the terms of an official partnership. Among them: Puro, Just Cavalli, SGP, Beats, Hugo Boss, Huawei and others…

The Citrus company represents a number of brands in Ukraine exclusively or on the terms of an official partnership. Among them: Puro, Just Cavalli, SGP, Beats, Hugo Boss, Huawei and others.

Citrus is the leader in sales of Apple products in Ukraine, an expert of this brand. The client was puzzled by the fact that online store visitors do not see this important competitive advantage.

Thus, the client set himself the goal of:

Transmit to the visitors of the online store exclusivity, the benefits of purchasing original products of a number of focus brands in Citrus.

Tasks related to this goal:

  1. Distance yourself from companies representing non-original or non-certified products.
  2. Emphasize the advantages, unique characteristics of products of focus brands.
  3. To convey the benefits of purchasing products of focus brands in Citrus.

StarMarketing solved the goal set by the client in an integrated manner, that is, by providing several services at once, which together created a synergy effect. Were involved:

  • landing page optimization for ads
  • Youtube video ads
  • contextual advertising and promotion in social networks

Several technologies have been used in SMM. Details next!”

The concept of the competition:

BeatsbyDre And Citrus start a war against bad sound. To do this, they recruit volunteers, the same guys and girls who do not like bad sound, pressing basses and outgoing contacts.

“Are you ready to join the Citrus Squad?” After all, not only new Beats Solo HD headphones or DJ Beats Mixr will be raffled among the recruits, but also the first 20 participants will receive a 10% discount card for the purchase of Beats headphones from Citrus!

To participate in the action, volunteers need to shoot a video on a mobile phone in which they destroy their old headphones and say “Citrus, we are with you! The war against bad sound begins” and post the video on their page with the hashtag # of the slogan.

“Targeting of the advertising company VKontakte: Development of banners and advertising messages, selection of relevant groups for targeting, optimization of the advertising campaign.

The idea of banners is designed for the effect of imitation of an idol. The slogan read: "Your idols wear Beats!"

  1. Growing interest in the brand

  1. 1000 targeted conversions from Facebook to potential target audience

  1. 1000 targeted clicks from VKontakte of potential target audience

  1. Increasing the number of Facebook and VKontakte subscribers

The complexity of the action was to encourage social network users to take the necessary action and part with low-quality headphones in the most cruel way - by breaking them. Agree, everyone is capable of this. There are always doubts: “What if I don’t win and what should I do?”

  • Push promotions by STAR Marketing employees: buying the 5 cheapest headphones and demonstrating their destruction (with different backgrounds, scripts and texts), posting videos on your page.

  • Advertising publications on Citrus resources.

  • A page on the Citrus website with a description of the action (where already made videos will be added).

The members were very original and merciless in their videos. Headphones were destroyed with a skating rink, smashed with a hammer, trampled in the mud, thrown into the sea from a great height, smashed against a wall, torn and drowned in an ice hole, etc. they suffered in a quarrel between comic book characters in love.

The project was made by:

  • SMM specialist: Oksana Dudnik
  • Designer: Olga Milevich
  • Account manager: Nastya Cheremnykh
  • project manager: Alexander Matola

Due to confidentiality, we cannot disclose the absolute numbers of the results of the competition. But we can share some relative values.

According to the results of the work carried out, 4 times more transitions from Vkontakte were received than planned, at half the cost! The cost of a click from Vkontakte turned out to be almost 8 times less than the cost of a click from Facebook.

During the competition period, the online store saw an increase in sales of Beats headphones, as well as related products (according to data from e-commerce). Total ROI exceeded 200%.

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