Project characteristics:

  • Promotion Period:February 1, 2020 through today:
  • Type of advertising:: Google Ads;
  • Company Name: Totmarket is a home improvement store;
  • Promotion Region: Ukraine;
  • Link to the project website::
  • The main goal of the client: Maximize the amount of revenue per advertising budget provided.

Stages of work to promote online home goods store in google advertising:

The site was promoted exclusively through Google Shopping from the very beginning of its creation, without using any other promotion methods. Since the site was created on the Prom platform and this platform provides everything necessary to create shopping campaigns in Google, we immediately began to pass moderation in the Merchant Center. This type of campaigns in practice shows better results for an online store than all other types of campaigns in a Google account.

In addition to the basic settings in the Merchant Center, we performed additional optimization. In particular, cheap items were excluded using rules to avoid spending the budget on them.

Setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads and Google Analytics 4:

One of the keys to being effective is to set up the right conversions for the project. This is because Google's machine learning will be optimized for this purpose, and the advertising specialist will also use this data for analysis and optimization. Since 90 percent of sales are made through the shopping cart, this project was set up with a 'Purchase through cart' conversion with the order amount being passed on.

Further optimization of project advertising:

  • PurposeThe project was promoted only through shopping campaigns because, as stated earlier, they show better results than other types of campaigns on Google.
  • The start of the promotion began with regular shopping campaigns followed by a switch to Smart Shopping (now removed by Google).
  • Work is currently underway in Performances Max campaigns.
  • While working on sales campaigns, different strategies were tested to find the best way to maximize revenue at current costs.
  • There is also work being done on the main feed through rules and additional feeds.
  • Audits were and continue to be conducted on product segments and individual product card items to achieve cost-effective advertising.

Google Home Goods Store optimization results from 01/02/2020 to present day:

As you can see, for the period from 01/02/2020 to 24/02/2024 with advertising costs of 656 thousand UAH we received orders for the amount of 17.5 million UAH, which amounted to a return on investment of 26.7.

Since Google Analytics 4 started in July 2022, we can only view statistics for this period. Based on the associated conversions from 01/07/2022 to 25/02/2024, we can see that our project is generating even more revenue than is shown in the Google Ads cabinet. This is due to the fact that purchases are not made from the first interaction with ads. A customer may need to navigate to a product item several times before making a purchase, and the connection between the customer and the ad may be lost.

Recommendations for further action:

  • We continue to monitor and analyze the results of advertising campaigns.
  • Regularly update and optimize product mix and campaigns in line with changes in demand and market competition.
  • Develop and test new strategies to optimize costs and maximize revenue.