The online door store "Market Doors" has been cooperating with Star-Marketing since its first steps on the Internet and has been the leader in online sales of doors in Kyiv for more than 3 years ...

The online door store "Market Doors" has been cooperating with Star-Marketing since its first steps on the Internet and has been the leader in online sales of doors in Kyiv for more than 3 years. But in the face of ever-increasing competition, the need to develop a new site became obvious, which was supposed to perform the following tasks:

  • increasing website conversion
  • increase in the share of targeted traffic in the region due to a more correct structure and technical implementation of the site
  • increase SEO returns by updating the site structure and improving landing pages
  • updating an outdated website design to create a favorable company image

It is necessary to create a site that is more convenient and understandable for visitors, which will inspire confidence among potential buyers and show a higher conversion rate. At the same time, it was important to maintain the visual recognition of the company, which the designers successfully managed in the end.

CMS PrestaShop was chosen as the management system for the site - CMS popular all over the world, which allowed us to implement all the necessary functionality.

At the first stage of development, we conducted a marketing research:

  • studied data from Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics for the old site.
    We spent many hours in Yandex Webvisor, collecting information about the behavior of visitors on the site. Based on this data, it was revealed what worked well on the old site, and what needed to be improved.
  • based on the statistics of search queries, we reformatted the structure of the product catalog, added new sections to it that are in demand among the potential audience.
  • the structure of the site was changed - all service sections were moved to the “top” menu, and a product catalog was placed under the header. Now every visitor to the site immediately sees all sections and can easily find out where to look for the product he needs.
  • in this area, most of the orders are carried out not through the basket, but through calling the measurer, ordering a consultation or through a phone call. Therefore, on the product card, in addition to the standard “add to cart” button, a “Buy in 1 click” button and an incentive to place an order by phone were added. As we will see later, this led to an increase in conversions from the site.
  • at the bottom of each page, it was decided to place a consultation order form. A lot of people who find it difficult to decide and who need expert advice apply through it.

Next, we developed a website prototype, taking into account the required structure and desired functionality.

When developing the design, we made the main visual emphasis on the product and conversion elements
(order buttons). Nothing distracts buyers from studying goods and useful information, while
The design is modern and visually pleasing.

When ordering doors, it often becomes necessary to also purchase a variety of related products. To solve this problem, modules of recommended related products have been developed.

Most of the complex decisions on this project fell on the administrative panel. One of these solutions was the module for quick editing of products.
So, the store administrator does not need to go to each product to change prices or basic information on a product. It is enough to display the products of the desired categories on one page of the “admin panel” and make the necessary changes.

As experience has shown, in this area, the lion's share of orders goes through a phone call, because. Potential buyers need expert advice. With this in mind, we added several calls to place an order by phone to the site - next to the add to cart button and at the bottom of the page, after studying all the information on a particular product. This led to a significant increase in sales (the graph of sales growth is shown at the end of the case).

  • Modules of viewed and similar products
  • Multilingual (Ukrainian and Russian interface languages)
  • Informer is a small information block that is displayed under the site header on catalog pages and product pages. Convenient if you need to convey important information to all site visitors (for example, about weekends and holidays)
  • Comparison of headings
    and much more…

With the competent development of the site, it is necessary to take into account many different factors in order for the site to be as attractive as possible in the eyes of search engines and to strengthen its leading position in search results.

In developing this site we:

  • laid the structure of the product catalog improved for SEO promotion
  • updated the structure and appearance of URLs
  • set up correct transliteration of URLs in Ukrainian and Russian
  • correctly implemented “breadcrumbs” - now they are convenient for visitors and perform their function in front of search engines
  • optimized image attributes
  • programmed automatic generation of product page titles

A number of other works were completed before the site was laid out:

  • developed and programmed automatic generation of meta-data for all Categories and Product Cards
  • compiled and configured a list of 301 redirects (to link the correspondence of the old pages of the site with the new ones)
  • updated Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files


man worked on a project

71 hours

occupied the development and approval of technical specifications, marketing research and website prototyping


various prototypes developed when designing the site


page layout designed by designer

472 hours

took the work of programmers (most of them went to the development of functionality in the admin panel)

137 hours

in total, spent by an SEO specialist and a manager on drawing up a work plan for initial SEO optimization and its software implementation

During the development of the new site, the directory structure was completely changed, which at first affected search traffic, but over time, all traffic returned and natural transitions began to grow compared to the same periods of previous years. .

At the same time, with similar traffic in September 2015 and 2016, the number of sales on the new site doubled! This example clearly shows how you can increase your sales and income at times only through the competent development of the site.