Portfolio: Promotion Texpert.com.ua: travel company (Odessa)

Client: Texpert.com.ua is a travel company based in Odessa, Ukraine. They offer a full range of travel services, including hotel reservations, flights, excursions and tours.

Problem: More people are starting to search for travel services online and Texpert.com.ua wanted to increase its visibility in search engines to reach more potential customers.

Task: With the help of SEO optimization, increase the visibility of Texpert.com.ua in search engines, increase organic traffic to the site and improve conversion.

Star Marketing Strategy:

  1. Website audit and optimization: The StarMarketing team conducted a detailed SEO audit of the Texpert.com.ua website, identifying technical issues and areas for improvement. This included fixing page loading issues, optimizing meta tags and image alt attributes, and improving the site structure for easier navigation.
  2. Keywords and content strategy: StarMarketing conducted research on the keywords that potential customers might use when searching for travel services. They developed a content strategy based on these keywords, including creating new articles and updating existing content on the site.
  3. Link building: StarMarketing has worked to increase the number of quality incoming links to Texpert.com.ua, which has a positive effect on search engine rankings. They used a variety of methods including guest blogging, press releases, and collaborations with other sites and bloggers.

Results of SEO promotion of the project: Texpert.com.ua: travel company (Odessa)

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Sales of tours and cruises


  • Within 6 months, organic traffic to the site increased by 80%.
  • The position of the site in the Google search results for key queries improved by an average of 35 positions.
  • The conversion of visitors to customers increased by 30%.
  • Time on site increased by 40%, indicating an increase