Portfolio: Promotion Department of Cardiology of the Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital

Project details

  • Date of release : 04.2014
  • Website address : oblcardio.com.ua
  • Category : corporate website, landing page
  • Design type : unique

Site of the Department of Interventional Cardiology of the Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital.

  1. informing patients about the possibilities of interventional therapy and diagnostics, angiography and stenting in Odessa with state support.
  2. receiving calls and applications for consultation on the provision of the above medical services.

Additional tasks of the site:

  1. informing site visitors of the possibility of high-quality treatment with the support of the state without overpayment to private clinics.
  2. provision of advisory services
  3. attracting users to communities (social networks) of people with similar problems.
  4. informing visitors about various problems, nuances and treatment options for the described diseases.

The site was developed with a further focus on PPC promotion and engagement in order to further inform people in social networking communities.