Portfolio: Promotion Crystaltour: travel agency, Odessa (Ukraine)

Crystaltour is a travel agency based in Odessa, Ukraine, specializing in domestic and international tourism.

Problem: Crystaltour experienced relatively low conversion rates from online traffic and lack of visibility among potential customers in Odessa.

Objective: Increase brand awareness and improve Crystaltour's online presence to increase conversions and sales.

Star Marketing Strategy:

  1. SEO and Content Marketing: The StarMarketing team performed a deep keyword analysis and SEO optimization of the Crystaltour website to improve its visibility in search engines. A content marketing strategy was developed, including the creation of informative articles about popular travel destinations and travel tips.
  2. Social networks and online advertising: An active advertising campaign was launched on social networks Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte. Created and hosted unique visual content, including videos about travel destinations. Conducted contextual advertising campaigns in Google Ads to attract more traffic to the site.
  3. Email marketing: Developed an email marketing strategy to interact with current and potential customers. The newsletter included information about special offers, new tours and useful travel tips.


  • Increase website visibility in search engines by 60% through SEO optimization and content marketing strategy.
  • More than doubled organic traffic to the site.
  • Growth of audience in social networks on 70%.
  • Increased conversions on 40% thanks to an integrated advertising campaign and site optimization.
  • Increasing brand awareness in the region.

Results of SEO promotion of the project: Crystaltour: travel agency, Odessa (Ukraine)

Travel agency
Sales of tours
Keyword Position on Google Position in Yandex Traffic (month)
last minute tours from odessa 2 6 172
bus tours in europe 1 4 82
hot tours odessa 2 5 47
travel agency odessa 1 3 42
last minute trips from odessa 2 1 35