Case for SEO promotion of an online furniture store.

Project characteristics:

  • Target: Minimize the loss of positions and traffic when moving the site. Ensure the growth of positions and traffic within six months after the move.
  • Risks: The site ranked high on Google. When moving, there is always a risk of losing positions and traffic.
  • Difficulties and nuances: A large number of pages on the site. Particular attention was paid to saving the URL.
  • Audit: 10 pages of edits, recommendations for the new site
  • Subject: doors (interior, entrance)
  • Deadlines: 3 weeks
  • Region: Kyiv (main). Extension to Kharkiv, Dnipro, all of Ukraine (minor)
  • Members: client, programmers, content managers, SEO specialists.
  • Results after 15 months: 10000+ keywords in TOP 1 (Serpstat). Traffic growth on 85%.

The history of Star Marketing and Market Doors began in 2010. Almost immediately, we managed to take the first positions in Kyiv for the most high-frequency queries. And for more than 10 years, the Market Doors website has been a leader in Kyiv for interior and exterior doors.

During this time, we have experienced site hacks, attempts to dump positions using link spam, and much more. A lot of work was done together with the client, more than 10 offline stores were opened in Kyiv, Kyiv region, Kharkov, the site changed twice with the change of CMS.

In this case, I would like to dwell in more detail on the last site move in July 2020.

Even before starting the development of a new site, we compiled a list of recommendations and functionality that are necessary for the further growth of the site:

  • The functionality of SEO filters, which allowed us to expand the semantics due to low-frequency queries
  • Generating meta tags from a template
  • Automatic URL completion when adding new pages
  • micro markup
  • Generation of pricing tables based on page content
  • FAQ generation on product category pages

These improvements allowed us to significantly increase the attractiveness of the snippet in search results and, as a result, CTR.

When the site was already ready on the test domain, we conducted a detailed audit:

  • Mobile site audit
  • Correction of technical errors on the new site
  • Transfer control of all URLs (one of the most important points when moving a site)
  • Content transfer control, meta tags

Extended snippets:

Detailed manual development of landing pages based on filters:

  • Creating landing pages based on filters
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Publication of SEO texts

As a result, thanks to the detailed study of the landing pages of the filters, we managed to raise the site to the first positions for low-frequency queries.

To maintain a leadership position in such a competitive niche, we needed links from the most authoritative sources on the market. SEO experts did a great job with this.

The primary task after the site transfer was to preserve the current positions and traffic as much as possible, because having the first positions for high-frequency queries, even a subsidence by 1-2 positions is felt very strongly.

Unfortunately, initially SEO traffic was “glued” with paid traffic, so the melons on the chart are distorted. But if you compare the traffic immediately after the move and now, the difference is visible to the naked eye.

Keyword Dynamics (Serpstat):

Distribution of phrases by positions (Serpstat):



Growth in the number of sales and calls to the sales department

The number of purchases has increased in line with the growth of visitors to the site. Thanks to our successful work, the cost of traffic from search engines has decreased, and the Customer has strengthened its leadership position in the sale of doors and accessories in Kyiv, opened a store in Kharkov and plans to open it in the Dnieper.

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