On the beles.com.ua website, we needed to implement a complex software product with a lot of non-standard functionality, which, at the same time, would be simple and understandable to use…

Site type: online store

Subject: wholesale of children's toys

CMS: opencart


  • develop a user-friendly website that will attract a new regular audience and sell more than the previous one
  • maintain brand awareness and usability for loyal customers
  • develop new solutions that will increase the usability of the site
  • implement fast and uninterrupted synchronization of the site with the enterprise database


What did the previous site look like?

Previous beles.com.ua

General requirements

We needed to implement a complex software product with a lot of non-standard functionality, which, at the same time, would be simple and understandable in use, would have a high download speed and show good results in promotion.

We decided to execute the project on the basis of the Open Cart management system, the functionality of which was greatly improved.


First of all, we studied the current website of the company, the market and its trends, competitors and form a marketing strategy for the future website.


In the process of work, we held several meetings with the working group from the Customer's side. At these meetings, we formed goals and objectives for the new site, a list of functional wishes, and also learned in detail about the process of work of sales managers with their customers. Understanding these processes, the needs and habits of regular customers and the specifics of wholesale sales was critical in designing the new site.  


At this stage of work, SEO specialists were also involved in the project, who compiled the recommended directory structure based on the history of user search queries in the b2b segment.


On the basis of marketing research, we developed and approved prototypes of the future site.

Prototype of the main beles.com.ua

Prototype of the page "Working conditions" beles.com.ua


Catalog prototype beles.com.ua


Design development

The site design was developed adaptive, for desktop and mobile devices.

What should be the design of a site that sells children's toys in bulk? Many developers and business owners get too carried away with the topic, forgetting that their audience is not children, but adult businessmen. That. in design, it is necessary to convey the theme of the site, but at the same time, it must be quite a serious and convenient business tool.


When developing a mobile version of a design, it is extremely important to follow not the general “rules” of design adaptation, as many designers and developers focused only on the aesthetic component of the design do, but to adapt it to the convenience and needs of real buyers in a particular field of activity. It is necessary to understand what functionality will be needed by customers visiting the site from a mobile device, whether it will always be clear to them where on this site they can find the information they are interested in, whether it will be convenient for them to place orders, etc.

Design development beles.com.ua


Technical and marketing solutions

  • 1C (do not write, probably, because 1C was banned)
  • Multi-warehouses
  • Basket
  • Uploading catalogs for Prom.ua and Yandex.Market.
  • Modules of viewed and similar products, pending products
  • Saving filters in the user's personal account
  • Search for goods on the site with an auto-completer and in warehouses
  • Multilingual (Ukrainian and Russian interface languages)
  • Multicurrency


Synchronization of data on the site with the company's internal database

Fast and uninterrupted synchronization of the site with the internal database was set up, according to which the following data is synchronized bilaterally:

  • product categories and products themselves
  • balances and product prices
  • orders and new registered customers



Each of the 6 warehouses in Ukraine has its own showcase with current stocks and prices for each warehouse. Site users also get access to prices and other relevant information on goods for each warehouse separately, each user is assigned their own manager.


Also, for the convenience of users, the site is designed multilingual (Ukrainian, Russian interface languages) and multicurrency (all prices can be seen in hryvnia and dollars).


Uploading catalogs for Prom.ua and Yandex.Market

For the convenience of regular customers, the function of unloading goods for Prom.ua and Yandex.Market was implemented. Due to this, regular customers of the store can quickly, without wasting their time, upload new products to their sites, which they purchase in Beles for further resale.


Saving filters in the user's personal account

The vast majority of buyers on the site are regular customers who often order products that have common characteristics and parameters. For a faster search for these products, buyers use the filters on the site. So that customers do not have to set the necessary filters every time, a function has been implemented that allows you to save the installed sets of filters. Thus, when pressing just one button, the user of the store sees all the products of the category that fall under the parameters he needs.


Site search with autocomplete

For the convenience of buyers, the search was implemented with an auto-completer - you only need to enter the first few characters from the product name and the site itself will tell you the possible options.

Moreover, if the desired product is not in stock in the selected city, the site will tell you if this product is in other warehouses, from where you can order it.


In the shopping cart, in order not to distract users from the checkout process, everything unnecessary was removed.

Before placing the buyer can edit his order and leave a comment for each specific item in the order.

At the same time, regardless of the length of the list of goods, the ordering form always remains in the mind of the buyer.


SEO optimization before release

We start preparing the site for successful promotion from the very first stages of development, when the recommended structure of the directory and URLs for the new site was compiled by SEO specialists.


Works that were performed by the “seoshnik”:

  1. Conducted a comprehensive audit of the site to identify all the necessary improvements for internal and external optimization
  2. Compiled by KW-Research
  3. Developed a seo-structure for the project, according to search queries
  4. Compiled terms of reference for copywriters (using LSI technology, working with high-quality content)
  5. Compiled terms of reference for work for internal optimization:
    1. quality titles (title) and descriptions (description) of pages;
    2. elaboration of headings of levels H1-H3;
    3. internal linking between categories.
  6. Optimized product cards for low-frequency queries
  7. Compiled high-quality technical files robots.txt and sitemap.xml, organized the correct internal distribution of page weight
  8. Worked on external link mass:
    1. work with crowd marketing;
    2. work with media sites (the largest sites in Ukraine);
    3. work with thematic sites.

Some statistics

  • 11 people worked on the site
  • more than 70 hours took the development and approval of technical specifications, marketing research and website prototyping
  • 32 layouts developed within the selected design concept
  • 840 hours - the budget of programmers to work
  • 76 hours spent by SEO-specialist and programmer organizing the “move”
  • The entire development of the site lasted 11 months


The new site turned out to be more convenient, modern and gave visitors new tools for work, which simplified and accelerated their work with the site.


Also, a competent development approach led to a significant increase in positions in the TOP of search engines and an increase in targeted organic traffic from Google and Yandex:

Significant growth of positions in the TOP of Google:

Growth of BELES.COM.UA positions

The growth of organic traffic from search engines almost doubled within three months:

BELES.COM.UA organic traffic growth

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