The online door store "Market Doors" has been cooperating with Star-Marketing since its first steps on the Internet and has been the leader in online sales of doors in Kyiv for more than 3 years ...

The Ital Keramika company is one of the largest suppliers of building materials in the south of Ukraine. To reach a new level and reach the previously untouched online sector in order to strengthen the competitive position. And also in order to further open a full-fledged online store and attract buyers to it, the question arose of the need to develop a modern catalog website for the company with a description of all the advantages of the company, which would perform the following tasks:

  • start of online sales
  • growth of targeted traffic in the region due to the full catalog of all products
  • search for new partners in other regions and outside the country
  • demonstration of the full list of services of the Ital Keramika company
  • the convenience of finding the right product due to the correct structure of the site, both by professional builders and just buyers
  • increasing awareness of the new brand “Bud Hit”


The task was to create a modern and user-friendly website that would combine a complete catalog of all the company's products (more than 30,000 products) and a description of all the services provided by the company. At the same time, it was necessary to take into account the wishes of the client in the design of the site, the transition from one brand to another, as well as to make the site understandable for site navigation.

The management system was chosen CMS OpenCart - a modern and popular CMS, which is ideal for an online store and allows you to create service pages, a big plus is the ability to quickly fill the site catalog through the site admin panel.

At the stage of creating the structure and prototypes of the site, we carried out the following work:

  • studied this market on the Internet and all the company's competitors and highlighted the strengths of websites and marketing solutions
  • taking into account the peculiarities of the company and the building materials market, we made the most correct structure of the site, divided the catalog and services, moved all service and less important pages to separate points in order to focus on the catalog and the company's services, also took into account the multilingual nature of the site when developing
  • since the products are quite specific and it can be quite difficult to describe them in the product card, we added the ability to download a PDF file with detailed information for each product and all possible variations. It is also possible to view the full catalog of goods being absolutely on any page of the site
  • according to one of the client’s requirements for the site, such sections as “Career”, “Showroom” and “Package Center” were worked out in detail - which is not typical for a catalog site, but is important for a complete understanding of the entire service of the company
  • to increase conversions and for the most comfortable viewing of goods for users, “unobtrusive” feedback forms were added to each page
  • The “Contacts” page was very important, as the company has several warehouses throughout the region and it was necessary to show each warehouse on the map with separate contacts


Prototypes of all site templates were developed, taking into account the structure and all the features of the new site.


When developing the design, there was a difficult task to show the transition of one brand to another. The designer did a great job.

It was necessary to show from the first seconds of being on the site what this company does, it was decided to add masonry to the background.

The design was developed adaptively for all the most popular extensions - which allows you to comfortably use the site both from a computer version, and from a mobile and tablet version. The mobile version of the site was developed in the style of a modern mobile site, with a minimum number of “interfering” buttons and forms.

Emphasis was placed correctly on the product and on all conversion elements (feedback forms) on the pages so as not to distract visitors' attention to minor details.

When creating a product card in the admin panel of the site, you can add delivery and payment methods that are unique to it; for building materials, this is very important, given the possible dimensions of purchases.

A separate product catalog was created with its own brands, categories and attributes and filters that belong to the picking center, but a separate product can also be placed in the main product catalog (if it is available for hotel sale).

In this topic, it is very important to consult a manager before the final order of the goods, with this in mind, forms for contacting the manager or clarifying the details of the product were added to the site - in the product card, so that the client does not leave the page of interest to him.

  • Multilingual site - Ukrainian and Russian versions of the site.
  • The site search module, which immediately pulls the desired products to the search, which saves the user's time.
  • Related products module - the ability to add related products to each product.
  • and much more…

Our company approaches the issue of developing a new site with all responsibility. Therefore, we lay the main most important tasks for SEO-optimization of the site in the development of the site. In order for the new site to be attractive to search engines and immediately correctly indexed.

When developing the site, we provided:

  • built the right product catalog structure for SEO optimization
  • correctly executed “breadcrumbs” - they are user-friendly and “attractive” to search engines
  • laid down the correct URL structure
  • installed and configured the most necessary SEO plugins for laying out the site
  • set up the correct language versions of the site


man worked on a project

31 hours

occupied the development and approval of technical specifications, marketing research and website prototyping


various prototypes developed when designing the site


page layout designed by designer

264 hours

took the work of programmers (most of them went to the development of functionality in the admin panel)

56 hours

in total, spent by an SEO specialist and a manager on drawing up a work plan for initial SEO optimization and its software implementation