The sphere of sushi delivery in Odessa is very competitive, which often leads to the fact that new players in the market are forced to work at a loss for a long time. Contextual advertising here requires especially careful settings and a non-standard approach. What happened to us - read below.

Project characteristics:

  • Target: maximizing conversions from the site through the contextual advertising channel within the allowable cost per conversion
  • Advertising systems: Google Ads
  • Subject: ready food delivery
  • Advertising budget: 101 742 UAH (including the cost of agency services)
  • Region: Odessa
  • Competition: high
  • The target audience: men and women aged 18 to 35 who live or work in Odessa, work in an office or do business, actively use the Internet
  • USP: only fresh and high-quality products, cooking - after the order is received, fast delivery and polite service
  • Advertising period: January December

To achieve these goals, it was decided to launch 6 advertising campaigns in Google AdWords:

  • 1. Search advertising for products/services

Displaying ads on requests with a commercial link (delivery, order, etc.), clearly identifying the product - the main source of direct sales.

  • 2. Search advertising for branded queries

Targeted at users who are already familiar with the brand or learned about the company from offline advertising, it allows users to get to the site as easily and quickly as possible, as well as minimize the possibility of “theft” of brand traffic by competitors.

  • 3. Search advertising for branded queries targeting Kyiv

3G mobile internet users are identified by AdWords as Kyiv, regardless of their actual location, so you need to use a separate campaign targeting Kyiv and placename keywords (Odessa in this case). You can read more about this in the article. Google AdWords mobile advertising: non-obvious opportunities.

  • 4. Search advertising on requests for goods/services targeting Kyiv

Similar to the previous one, keywords for queries with the mention of the toponym Odesa must be used in a separate campaign targeting Kyiv.

  • 5. Remarketing

Banner remarketing on the Google Display Network divided into 3 categories targeting users who have visited our site - displaying ads within 5 days after visiting the site (those who are looking for sushi at a given time), ads from 14 to 21 days from the moment site visits (average term for the emergence of a new need for a product), advertising by users who made a transaction (focused on a loyal audience, a reminder of the company, informing about promotions and special offers).

  • 6. Advertising in Gmail

By own brand (loyal audience, informing about promotions and special offers), by competitors' brands (users who periodically order sushi from other companies).

Advertising in Yandex was an auxiliary sales channel targeting users who use Yandex search. Two advertising campaigns were launched:

  • 1. Search advertising for goods/services requests
  • 2. Search advertising for branded queries

Taking into account the fact that it was the search campaign for general queries that was the most competitive, high-budget, and bringing the maximum number of new customers, special attention was paid to its effectiveness. We used bid adjustments depending on the cost per conversion at different times of the day and days of the week. The bidding strategy used was CPA Optimization, which automatically changed the bids based on the predicted conversion probability at the moment.

Also, information was received from the client on the dependence of demand on the weather - in the rainy season, orders were received much more often. Script was developed and implemented Automatic change of rates in Google AdWords depending on the weather, which allows you to increase your bids per click when it's raining, and returns to the original values when it's sunny.

Taking into account the growth trends of mobile traffic and the adaptive design of the site, bid adjustments for mobile devices were revised, mobile traffic showed a high level of efficiency. Thanks to the work with mobile users, the number of sessions from this type of device has grown over the year by more than 4 times, and the number of transactions 6.5 times.

Display ads (remarketing and Gmail) seemed to generate a small number of transactions at first glance. But the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics demonstrates the effectiveness of display advertising not only as a branding tool, but also as an important sales channel. Although there were few direct conversions, for each direct conversion there were 4.4 conversions in which display advertising was one of the sources of traffic on the user's path.

The improvement in the return on investment in advertising was due to an increase in the number of loyal users who made orders by going to the site for branded queries or remarketing, as well as due to an increase in the conversion rate of users who came to the site for general queries - the more famous the company, the more often the user saw its advertising, the more friends and acquaintances ordered sushi here, the higher the probability that a new user is converted into a new client.

The total growth of transactions for paid traffic amounted to 229 % year-on-year comparison, while income increased by 251 %, and the transaction rate increased by 55%. Please note that this data does not contain information about orders placed by phone.

Thus, the main goal of the project - maximizing the number of conversions - was achieved.

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