Initial data for the dental center

  • Target: 100% loading dental center with leads and patient records
  • Advertising systems: Contextual advertising Google Ads
  • Subject: dental services, dental implantation, teeth whitening, orthodontics (braces, veneers), pediatric dentistry, dental treatment, etc.
  • Turnkey advertising budget: 15000UAH (576$) per month
  • Region: Odessa
  • Competition: high
  • The target audience: Wide, total about 15 audiences by geography and demographics
  • USP: It was proposed to choose from 3 options for the USP.
  • Advertising period: August 2018 to now

The niche of dental clinics is very competitive, as evidenced by a fairly large number of competitors in Google advertising (10+) for a fairly small market size. Contextual advertising here requires especially careful settings and a non-standard approach. What happened to us - read below.

Launch and optimization of dentistry advertising

Marketing and communication strategy of a dental clinic

At the initial stage of cooperation agreements, an analysis of the market and competition at that time was carried out and the 2 most effective Internet marketing tools in this niche were proposed in terms of the cost of a lead (/client): 

  1. advertising in Google Ads
  2. targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. 

Promotion in other online channels Google Organic(SEO), Email, Youtube, instant messengers, etc. not offered due to limited budget.

As a result, at the request of the client, we settled on advertising on Google (Lite tariff), and postponed social networks for an unspecified date. term.

In the course of cooperation, updated development plans were proposed every few months, incl. great recommendations for finalizing the site, both for marketing and for the site itself. The current site of the Dental Center was, to put it mildly, not ideal in terms of CR / CPL / CPA (inferior to key competitors). Our proposals were partially approved and implemented on the site.

Positioning and creative idea of dentistry

  1. To solve these problems, we first filled out the Terms of Reference for contextual advertising in Google Ads together with the client and clarified and finalized the wishes of the customer
  2. Further, taking into account all the requirements for advertising campaigns from Google, advertising mechanics and creative were proposed
  3. The entire initial creative was agreed with the customer's representative before the launch of the advertising campaign. Further, advertising campaigns were launched and in the process of work, they were constantly refined / improved in order to improve quality.

Short list of recommendations for improvement (we recommend, the decision on implementation is made by the customer):

  • setting up dynamic Call Tracking (Binotel) to optimize advertising campaigns for targeted calls
  • site optimization to improve the relevance of ads in Google Ads (meta tags, titles for LP, etc.) 
  • initiative to create new LP services: pediatric dentistry, veneers, whitening, braces, implantation.
  • minor improvements in LP presentability: USP in the header, number and address, through form of capture
  • increase in the advertising budget in Google advertising, after the RK reaches a good average cost per lead (CPA / CPL) according to the development plan
  • combining a chain of unrelated LPs into a full-fledged site with a menu, etc.
  • photos of work before and after your clients, post on the site and in social networks. networks and then promote the page in the social. networks. 
  • placement of a general price list on the site, tk. our direct competitors have already implemented this
  • a plan of promotional offers for key services of the center, with their integration on the website and in advertisements (until 01/2019 the promotions were agreed and placed, now the promotions are over, new ones have not been placed on the website)
  • banner ads on Google (GCM) + Gmail (other tariff plan)
  • Facebook/Instagram targeted advertising + retargeting (additional payment).


Google ad schedule for the Dental Clinic:

3+ experiments were carried out to optimize the optimal schedule for the maximum CPL (cost-per-lead). On weekends, the clinic worked very limited hours.

Advertising Device Report (Dentistry)
Demographics of Dental Clinic Advertising
Dental Clinic Time/Day Report

At the same time, there was a good CPL on Sat-Sun, there were many patient records on Mon-Tue. As a result, we agreed that the administrator will process the applications of potential patients on weekends from home. Only acute patients were cut off: “round-the-clock dentistry”, “stomat clinic without an appointment”, “urgent dental care”, etc.

Dental advertising and geotargeting optimization:

After launching the ad campaign and collecting enough data for analysis, the target audiences were divided into 3 segments by geographic location by distance from the clinic location, based on the conversion rate:

  • High conversion rate: 5km zone around company address
  • Average conversion probability: Nearest neighborhoods to the address
  • Low probability of conversion: the most remote Suvorovsky district

Each zone has its own ad display strategy.

Customize goals for google dental clinic advertising:

  • Configuring Dynamic Call-Tracking (Call Tracking)
  • Setting up testing of micro and macro conversions in Google Analytics and data transfer to Google Ads.

Keywords for dental advertising:

  • In addition to the initial research at the launch of the AC, constant work was carried out to find new targeted search queries and create a bundle for them: keyword-relevant ad
  • All non-targeted queries have been classified and added to their respective negative keyword lists
  • For dental clinics - competitors, lists of negative keywords were compiled with details on the location area. This made it possible to cut off competitors' brand requests as accurately as possible exactly in those campaigns in which it is needed.
  • Not only the keys of competing brands were segmented, but also the addresses of their locations, as there are many queries like [{dental clinic}+{clinic address}]
  • Daily PPC specialist monitored keywords and search queries. When non-target words were identified, they were segmented and added in acc. list of negative keywords to prevent further misappropriation of funds. When new targeted search queries were identified using the SKAG technique, a new ad group was created.
  • Quality Score: after the launch of the PPC ad campaign, specialists found a low Quality Score, namely, poor relevance of the landing page to key queries. This leads to an increase in the cost of a CPC visitor and, accordingly, the cost of a CPL lead. Our analyst compiled a TOR for the programmer to fix this problem and controlled the correction of the situation.

Lists minus words RK dentist

Optimization of advertisements for a dental center

    • USP: 3 USP options were offered to choose from:
      • Let's Make Your Smile Perfect!
      • Beauty and Health of Your Teeth!
      • Your Beautiful and Healthy Teeth!

We decided to use all options.

    • The initial creative is constantly being optimized based on the obtained click-through rate (CTR), quality score (Quality Score), conversions (CR), bounce rates on the LP (Bounce Rate) of the site. For each new keyword, the most relevant ad is manually selected, which gives the best quality and the lowest possible cost per click (CPC).
    • Extensions - Addresses

StarMarketing specialists found that this dental center was not registered in Google My Business. We registered and added the address to the RK extensions

    • Promotion strategy and promotion schedule

Because promotions improve CTR, CR and CPL, we proposed to develop promotional offers on an ongoing basis for different groups of dental services.

  • Extensions - Pricing

Automated scripts and rules(dental advertising in Google)

For additional control and management of the AC, scripts of our own development were used:

  • Budget control script
  • Bid optimization script
  • Website and landing page health check script

Recommendations for improving the conversion rate of a dental clinic website

At least weekly, the advertiser randomly listened to call recordings to determine the quality of calls from ads and to identify problems early on.
It was found that the cost of the initial examination (not indicated on the clinic's website) at the first appointment was overestimated (compared to market prices), which was often the reason for refusing an appointment. This infa was discovered, reported and appropriate measures were taken.

Remarketing for a dental clinic

Remarketing companies were not launched because in medical services, remarketing is prohibited by Ukrainian legislation and Google policy



Dental clinic contextual advertising: Results obtained

Average cost of an appointment


Average number of calls and requests from contextual advertising

~0 applications per day
~7 applications per day

Appointments from the site (all channels)

~0 entries per day
~11 entries per day

Growth dynamics of calls from advertising Dentistry

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